Last-minute weekend: Go to Amsterdam for £200

Why the hell not

You’ve definitely thought about it, but you never see it through: what if I just booked a holiday this weekend?

Well this time we’re here to do the hard part for you – meaning the only thing between you and an absolutely mad one this weekend is the three-digit code on the back of your card.

To kick things off? The place you’ve been saying you’d go since you first smoked a blunt in your mate’s brother’s car: Amsterdam.

Picture: Moyan Brenn

Picture: Moyan Brenn

The flights

How easily can you get to Liverpool? According to Skyscanner, a return flight setting off at 6:20 on Friday morning and returning at 17:30 on Sunday night will only set you back £129.


If you’re willing to travel a bit further north, the 17:40 Friday flight from Edinburgh will only cost you £117 return – although you will have to fly back at 7:00 on Sunday morning.


If you’re shackled to the south, however, it’s a bit pricier – but you can still fly out of Gatwick and back into Luton for £167.

The room

Going off Airbnb, for £70 between two of you you could stay in this loft. It’s next to the river, it’s got nice views and it has a roof terrace.


That’s only free on Friday though, so for Saturday night you’ll need to move somewhere else – why not go for this room? It’s 45 minutes out of the city centre but it’s only £45 and it’s on a boat.


If you really want to slum it, there’s a backroom single bed on offer for £21 per night. At least it comes with a teddy bear.

Assuming you don’t though, and you’re splitting between two of you, that’s £90 on rooms .

All this means you could literally log onto the internet right now and literally book a holiday to Amsterdam this weekend for £209. You probably spent that much on Saturday night.

Think about that when you’re gazing out of your window on this Tuesday afternoon. And then maybe just do it.