Who would you vote for: Trump, Bernie, or Hillary?

It’s as hard as a round of shag, marry, kill

There’s a Presidential election taking place in the States. And call it too much West Wing, or Veep, but many of us would rather watch Donald Trump’s sideshow, or get behind someone who can bring genuine social change (sorry Jeremy) than listen to our more middle of the road MPs. Something about US politics means they get much more personal.

What’s obvious is that there’s a very 2008-esque “Yes We Can” type spirit brewing in support of Bernie Sanders, even on our shores. On the other hand Hillary is still very much the frontrunner because she’s still the most recognisable. And we thought nobody in east London liked Donald Trump – they proved that when they started throwing eggs at a mural of the businessman-turned politician – though we did find one (he wouldn’t accede to a photo though). We did ask – but no one recognised Ted Cruz.

How much do the public living in Britain know about US politics and who would they put in power if they had the chance?

Nic, 24, lives on Brick Lane and works in hospitality

“Definitely Bernie Sanders. It’s sometimes difficult to relate to the situation over there, but Bernie is the angry anti-establishment one. Hillary is just a bluff.

“Trump? I think it’s 50/50 whether he will win, it’s worrying. But I hope Bernie gets it.”

Mckinzie, 23, recent graduate from Minnesota 

“Bernie, because he’s different. I like that he’s a socialist and that he came from the ground. I’m from Minnesota, so I will be voting for Bernie if he becomes the Democrat candidate.”

Sue, 49, beauty therapist  and Yasmin, 18, student, both from Brentwood

Sue: “Definitely Hillary, she stands for more things and she’s a woman.”

Yasmin: “She would be the first female president, that would be amazing.”

Matthew, 26, broker from Shoreditch

“I don’t like Hillary. I don’t like Bernie. Not Cruz [OK, one person knew who he was.] I don’t like Trump as a person, but I do like that people hate him. They only criticise him for the highlights of what he says.

“The USA has slipped for the past eight years under Obama. I want someone like Trump in power who is capable of defending us.”

Andrew, 23, works at Ted Baker from Braintree

“I’ve heard good things about Bernie, I subscribe to a lot of leftie stuff [and] I’ve heard a lot of people compare Sanders to George Galloway because he’s so different, but I don’t like him so I don’t agree with that. Maybe he’s like Corbyn.”

Kate, 32, speech therapist from Deptford

“A lot of US politics can be quite superficial, but I do think Bernie Sanders is the best candidate. He’s the least crazy. Trump on the other hand is quite scary, I wonder if it started as a joke.”

Maria, 28, works in a gallery, and  Yeray, 28, graphic designer, both from Spain

Maria: “Hillary Clinton. She’s famous and worked with Obama. Donald Trump is totally mad, I don’t see how anyone could trust him. I haven’t heard of Bernie Sanders, but I think Hillary would be a good ally.”

Eve, 17, student from Chalk Farm

“I don’t know much about American politics, but I’d vote for Hillary. She’s a woman and she seems like a tough one. Better than the others.”

Finn, 19, student from Kentish Town

“Hillary is the most likeable looking one. Obviously not Trump, he’s fucked. Hillary would be the best.”

Annie, 17, student from Bucks

“I’ve heard no bad things about Bernie Sanders. I have about the others. I stay in touch more with British politics but I agree with a lot that I’ve heard from Bernie.”

What have we learned? Hillary gets a lot of the female vote and the support of young people. Everyone who has heard of Bernie Sanders thinks he could be the new Messiah, or at least the president of the United States of America. And everyone thinks Trump is crazy.