There’s a mural of Donald Trump in Shoreditch, so now people are egging it

They didn’t agree with his immigration policy

After a Donald Trump mural turned up in Shoreditch, it was never going to be long until people starting throwing stuff at it. Graffiti artist Furia painted the portrait of the Republican frontrunner on Leonard Street with the caption: “Democracy, when even an idiot has a say” over the weekend. Angry passers-by then threw eggs at the Trump artwork on Sunday afternoon, but Furia has insisted he actually wanted it to be egged as part of the “performance”. Furia told us:

“The mural was conceived as a performative work of art. It’s not only about the image in itself but as a way of engaging the public into participating in the action. After the mural was conceived, I asked members of the public to throw eggs at the image.”


The egged Donald Trump mural on Leonard Street

Unsurprisingly everyone wanted to have a crack at Donald Trump and the egging turned out to be popular. Furia said:

“Everyone passing by was more than willing to take part as a way of expressing their feelings for Trump and his political views. Shoreditch is a hub for diversity and pluri-culturality – from American tourists to English and foreign artists to the unknown passerby, everyone felt that throwing eggs at the portrait was a fun way of protesting against discriminatory ways of thinking. There were not enough eggs to be thrown in all honesty.”