Find out the total time you’ve spent in the back of an Uber


There’s now a way to keep track of how many hours you’ve spent inside the back of a Toyota Prius. It also keeps tabs on the hundreds miles you travelled and how long they’ve kept you waiting in the cold, just to help relive the experience.

Last year a drunk young Tory famously booked a 208 mile ride from the party conference in Manchester to his home in London, but now we can check our full stats this almost seems like nothing. Go to and it’ll tell you how many hours have been wasted in the back of a stranger’s car.

Testing it out, Uber fan Charlie discovered he’d ridden 701 miles – which is the distance from London to Scotland and then back again or a casual drive to Berlin. On the more worrying side, it did reveal he’d been left waiting for more than seven hours over the course of 145 journeys.


Two days and four hours wishing you were somewhere else

On the downside it doesn’t give away how much we’ve spent in total on Uber, but with prices surging to as much as four times the normal figure on New Year’s Eve it’s unlikely people will ever want to know. It also looks like the amount of rides you’ve taken won’t affect  your actual eating, so it’ll be just as hard to book a 5am Uber across London whether you’ve made 200 journeys or just two.

Curiously there’s also a leaderboard for who took the most journeys and spent the longest in a taxi. Proving winning is not really winning, the man only known as Elliot at the top has passed 36 days of his life in a Prius or other assorted hybrid.

Unless you’ve booked an Uber more than 2,000 times (at a cost of more than £16,000 if £8 is taken as the average price) – you won’t be able to join this strange travel-based community any time soon.

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Elliot, Christopher and Michael are high rollers