Drunk student Tory spends £311 on an Uber from Manchester to London

He claims he put in the wrong address

A reckless young Tory got so wasted at the Conservative Party conference he took a four hour Uber all the way from Manchester to London.

The 19-year-old student campaigns officer was shocked to wake up at his home in London  with a receipt for a £311 taxi.

He claims he can’t even remember any of the four hour journey and says he must have put in his London address by mistake.

The unlucky Conservative wrote on Facebook: “Went out in Manchester, woke up in London. Checked my emails to see a £311 Uber journey. Must have been an interesting night.”

The unnamed student's huge Uber receipt

The unnamed student’s huge Uber receipt

His mates replied to his post, calling him a “legend”, a “lad” and a “nutter”.

After one friend said he could have flown to the Middle East for the same money, he replied: “I wish I had got a flight to Dubai!

“The bank has been broken by this – may be eating beans for the next year at uni lol.”

The student, who recently worked as a Campaign Manager for a Conservative MP, said he must have plugged his home address into the minicab app by mistake.

It's not been a good conference for Tory students

It’s not been a good conference for Tory students

He told Buzzfeed: “You know what a drunken night out is like. I’m 19 years old and intend to enjoy my youth.”

The Tory campaigner, said what he did was stupid “stupid” and admitted he can’t afford the trip back to Manchester for the rest of the party conference.

Ironically, the student – who is a member of an organisation called Conservative Future – once gave a speech about the growing cost of transport for young people.

In previous years champagne has been banned at the party conference as party leaders pushed their “All in this Together” slogan.

But this year the ban has been lifted and it looks like they’ve been making the most out of the free booze.

So far it’s been a bad conference for Tory students.

Dapper second year Colm Lock was pelted with an egg as he waved a photo of Margret Thatcher in front of angry protesters.

The Ancient History second year was speaking to the press when he was hit right in the forehead.

A friend and fellow Conservative was also splattered with an egg told The Tab: “Colm walked off to get cleaned up. He certainly wasn’t running.

“My tweed was buffed out after a brief towelling.”