Boys prefer girls over pints or parties

It’s not even close

Recently you might have noticed The Tab’s coverage of life’s great questions. This week we asked you to make the the ultimate choice: between girls, pints or parties. 

Picking one of those three would mean the two remaining would disappear completely. So if you picked say, pints, it would mean girls and parties would be out of your life forever.

Our official poll of 2,100 guys revealed a landslide 64.2 per cent who chose girls over pints and parties.

Pints came second, with 20 per cent of the poll and almost 100 more votes than parties, which finished a lowly third.

It comes after we asked some ordinary blokes in London to make the same choice. Out of the 11 guys we polled, seven chose girls over pints and parties. 


A girl

As Liam told us: “Girls really are epic aren’t they? Also we need them to hang around for the planet to survive.”

This is better than parties but not as good as girls

A pint (or two)

Pint lover Josh Kaplan couldn’t hide his disappointment with the result: “If anything sums up the current crisis of modern masculinity, it’s this shady refusal to bin pints because guys are chatting to members of the opposite sex.”