We asked some blokes to choose between girls, pints or parties

Choices don’t get tougher than this

Between girls, pints and parties you’ll find the causes of and the solutions to most of life’s problems. 

We asked some blokes in London to choose one of these over the others. The conditions were simple – you could have one out of girls or pints or parties.

Elliot, 22

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Yeah it’s pints.

Actually it can’t be pints can it? This is the rest of my life, if the ones I don’t pick disappear forever then it has to be girls. I want a family at some point.

Dwayne, 19


Girls, for real. It’s got to be girls.

What do I get sexually from buying a pint? I get no sexual benefit from that. At the end of the day, the only point of pints and parties is to get you hyped for girls anyway.

Ahmed and Panna, 20


Ahmed: I don’t drink, so pints are off the table. I’m in a serious relationship so I don’t mind if other girls disappear. I think I would go with parties.

Panna: I love to party and I love to socialise, which makes this whole thing so difficult. But what would a party without girls be? Just full of guys? Nah man. I would have to pick girls.

Johnny, Mark and Finn, 21


Johnny: Pints are crucial to everything I do and everything I want to be. I’m not giving them up.

Mark: Girls, I have no idea why you would pick anything over girls.

Finn: Parties. Life would be much shitter without parties.

Liam, 23

Girls really are epic aren’t they? Also we need them to hang around for the planet to survive.

Jerome, 29

I’m married so I don’t need girls. I don’t drink so I don’t need pints. I guess that leaves me with parties – good thing I actually like parties then!

Luca, 28

Parties. A good party is like nothing else. When I was a teenager it was all about parties, who was throwing it, who was invited and then what actually happened. Parties are how I grew up.

Jacob, 27


Girls! Men would be completely screwed without them.