Shamed ‘Lad of the Year’: I was pressured to say I’d slept with 81 girls

Kevin O’Flanagan claims he was stabbed in the back

The former “Lad of the Year” who was stripped of his title has claimed he was pressured into saying he slept with over 80 girls.

Kevin O’Flanagan was awarded the title by Shag At Uni last year, after he claimed to have “slept with 81 girls”.

But now in a dramatic turn of events the lothario is said to have made everything up – and the dating service has stripped him of the title.

Kevin, 22, says he was set up. He exclusively told The Tab: “I’ve been stabbed in the back.”

But Tom Thurlow, who runs Shag At Uni who gave Kevin the award, said: “He really wanted to be Lad of the Year. He’s a bit of a vulgar character.”


The defamed ‘playa’ probably isn’t so smug anymore

After being outed, Kevin launched a fierce attack against the company and its founder Tom.

Kevin claims that he was approached by Tom and offered “a kind of you scratch my back I scratch your back deal”. He would be awarded ‘Lad of the Year’ and in return he would promote Shag at Uni.

The Southampton Solent graduate is adamant that he was not keen to promote the website and that he was pressured into the deal, only to be “stabbed in the back”.

He said: “I told him I still wasn’t keen on lying for him because I didn’t really like the website and I was unhappy lying saying that I use the site.

“I looked at his website and it looked like some fake profile, scam like catfish website to just get money out of people.

“He begged me to do the article and said it would be ‘great exposure.'”

When the article appeared, Kevin claims Tom Thurlow ignored him and finally spoke to him “like a scared little puppy”.

But Shag At Uni’s Tom Thurlow told The Tab: “He really wanted to be Lad of the Year. I didn’t hold a gun to his back – he definitely wanted to get on board.”


All in a day’s work

The pair continue to disagree on the facts. Kevin claims his words were twisted. He said: “Tom has added stuff that I never even said and publishing it.” Tom denies this completely.

The two have continued to dig at each other, neither wanting their own reputation tainted.


Kevin with porn star Jessica Jaymes

Tom has continued to defend his company against Kevin’s claims.

He added: “Kevin is a bit of a vulgar character who’s had his ego bruised, and is on the war path against my company”

Meanwhile, Kevin’s conclusion rounds off the statement in a deep, and pensive tone. Surprisingly the former lad is now happily in a relationship.

Loved up Kevin said:  “I only slept with loads of girls because I was single and didn’t find a connection with anyone, I’ve always said that when I find someone I have a connection with I will pursue it.

“And I have done, I live with my girlfriend and it’s close to a year we’ve been together now.

“What I’ve learnt most about all of this being with several girls etc is that one real connection with one girl is worth more than 100 one night stands.”