This doctor made a list of rules for students to avoid getting fat

You’d think he’d be chiselled out of wood but he’s 5/10

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If you genuinely needed to be told that pints, late nights and fast food would make you obese – a Danish doctor has made it really bloody clear.

Healthy Dr Jens Christian Holm created a list of rules to tell young people how to not to grow up to become total lard arses.

He claims to have helped over 1300 overweight kids in his native Denmark and he just made headlines for his 15 point plan to prevent obesity everywhere.


Dr Jens adapted his famous rules for students:

• No white bread ever
• No pots on the dinner table to avoid temptation
• Wait 20 minutes before having seconds
• Only eat two portions of fruit a day
• Fast food only once a month
• Sweets only once a week (He said: “I don’t care which ones”)
• Be active for at least an hour a day
• Go to bed early and at the same time each night
• No cereals at breakfast
• Walk or bike to uni
• No booze
• No drugs
• Max two hours in front of a TV or laptop screen a day
• No meals on your lap or in front of a TV
• Don’t disturb your eating patterns at all

Dr Jens said: “You cannot compromise on this.You must understand how rigorous you need to be as the body is ingenious at preserving fat.

“You’re not going to attain and maintain weight loss unless you follow the whole package of measures. It’s no good saying, ‘I’m buys in my life, studying, doing exams and so on’, everything needs to be addressed.

“Students, you must ask yourself this question: do you want to lose weight or do you want to go drinking?”