1.3 million people read The Tab last month

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We’re popping bottles of cheap cava over at Tab Towers today as we celebrate breaking a million monthly readers.

Figures recorded by Google show The Tab was read by 1.3 million unique visitors in November. That’s more than half of Britain’s student population.


The news means The Tab is now more widely read than the Spectator – the oldest magazine in the English language.

Our huge traffic is all down to our teams of talented student journalists who run separate Tab sites at 33 different universities. If you’d like to join one of our teams, or start a new one, email [email protected] and say hi.

There’s loads of us

This term they have:

• Bagged a stunning 8.1 million views on their articles.

• Attracted national and international media attention on 70 separate occasions.

• Stuffed their gobs with free food at team meals and our Xmas curry in London.

They are supported by our team of nine professional staff who teach them journalism skills and make sure we don’t get sued. All our staff are former Tab writers and editors, and we’re planning to hire more soon.

We’re pretty creative

And we’ve got some pretty cool mates (although some of them are complete bell ends)

The Tab is much more than a student paper – we’re building the largest student news site in the world, so don’t think we’ll be stopping at 1.3 million. Our style is simple, we cover the news you care about in a style you actually want to read.

Here are the top five stories read across the country in November:

1. Spotted: Spencer Matthews’ willy

2. These freshers dressed as 9/11 for Halloween

3. Vote for Cambridge’s best bum

4. Spencer Matthews shagged a Birmingham student

5. 16 things you’ll only understand if you’re a medical student

Well done to all our teams, and thanks to Spencer Matthews.

The Tab is like Bitcoin – mysterious, revolutionary and rapidly increasing in value. Get in early, email [email protected] to join.