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This is exactly what the colour of your Uniqlo bag says about you as a person

Corduroy really isn’t as cool as you think it is

Renting experiences in London are outrageous, and these tweets show just that

Play Beyonce’s Turn the lights off but because it is a cost of living crisis out here

Who is Sasha Attwood? Jack Grealish’s MUA and YouTuber girlfriend from Birmingham

When Jack was playing in the Euros, she claimed she received 200 death threats a day

BREAKING: Air ambulance lands in the middle of Trinity Great Court on Caesarian Sunday

Drinking society madness struck before noon


That’s so fetch?

Cambridge has a ‘serious problem’ with sexual misconduct

The University of Cambridge reported the highest number of sexual misconduct cases, but initiatives are in place to support staff and students

Daily Mail slams Cambridge BME students for ‘excluding white people’

Yet again The Mail has got Cambridge all wrong

Exclusive: Medwards will accept all trans women as students

Students previously had to be legally recognised as women under the Gender Recognition Act

Revealed: The shocking effect of Cambridge lifestyle on menstruation

The first results from our Sexual Health Survey are in

Master of Christ’s College apologises for causing ‘hurt’ to Jewish Students

Apology follows an incident of anti-Semitism

The Tab talks to Katie Hopkins, who actually means everything she says

‘The bar for libel is lower than my labia’

Katie Hopkins Union appearance attracts bizarre disco demonstration

Protestors were seen dancing to 80s disco in garish clothes

Welcome to the era of the post-fuckboy glow, where girls are hot and boys ain’t shit

You’ll know when you experience it

Why we invited Katie Hopkins to speak at The Cambridge Union

It’s all about free debate

Cambridge Union announces best line-up in decades

Feeling the Bern for soggy bottoms

Sorry I can’t date you, I’m already being emotionally manipulated by someone else

Wish I had the time, you seem great!

I was refused British citizenship, despite having a British mother

I’ve lived here most of my life

The worst part of that awful Kendall Jenner Pepsi ad is a moment you probably didn’t even notice

It reinforces stereotypes of black female servitude in the most subtle, sinister way

‘You’re so OCD’: Casually using mental health language is just reinforcing the stigma

We’re doing it without meaning to

Come on Cambridge, stop lying about access

The figures show things are getting worse

Exclusive: Student called an ‘evil Muslim’ in racist attack at Selly Oak Sainsbury’s

He was confronted by two women who called him ‘scum’