Blighted boozers: Hangovers hit hardest at 29

Get the drinks in while you can…


Relish these hedonistic student days while you can kids, because it’s all downhill from here.

While sozzled students are easily cured by a beer and a bacon sandwich, research by Redemption — the teetotal bar movement — show that once you get close to the big 3-0, this is no longer the case.

The morning after the night before hits hardest in your late 20s

At the age of 29, the hangover from a night on the sauce lasts an excruciating 10 hours and 24 minutes — almost an hour longer than the average.

This is a result of party animal adults attempting to maintain their wino ways, but no longer having the stamina of youth to support them.

Hangovers also vary considerably by city. Bristol’s bacchanalian boozers suffer the longest, while the whisky-guzzling Glaswegians live up to their alcoholic reputation by managing to recover in just six hours.

The study also revealed that employees pull six sickies a year as a result of an inebriated evening, while two thirds of people go to work hung-over on a Monday morning.

In fact, I’m drunk right now.

Meanwhile, the search for the ultimate hangover cure continues, with one in three suggesting fornication as a fail-safe quick fix.