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Should you break up with bae when you go to uni?

‘Babe, I just need some space’

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So you’re going to your first grime night

Do you even know what BBK stands for?

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Meet the young entrepreneurs making money while they study

One girl feeds hundreds of rugby boys chicken and sausages

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Notts ranked in top 35 unis in the UK

We’re 143rd in the world

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We tried out Coco Tang’s edgy new night

Club going up on a Tuesday

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Uni release new video showing how sick the sports hall will look

But you still won’t go to the gym

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We took Azeem Ward for a cheeky Nando’s in Notts

He didn’t even get chicken

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Second year delighted after his stolen two grand wheelchair is returned

Victory for Tab campaign: Jonathan reunited with his wheels

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Distraught second year’s two grand wheelchair stolen at Lenton house party

He won’t be able to get around uni without it

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Were you the Fleekest fresher on campus?

So on point

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You’ll spend over £13,000 in Notts this year

Loans can’t come soon enough

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Notts Feminists are running consent classes to tackle lad culture on campus

They also want to get lights on The Downs

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Notts boasts huge fall in burglaries

Robin Hood would be disappointed