You can now control the music in the guild using an app

Someone put Rebecca Black on repeat

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Arrest made in fresher’s week rape investigation

A 32 year old man has been arrested

CCTV footage released of rapist who attacked girl during freshers week

The ordeal was reconstructed for crimewatch

A giant lizard is on the run in Wavertree

He’s three feet long and called Loki

Hairstyles to get you noticed in the SJ

Sports luxe at the book returns, babe

We asked Liverpool students what advice they’d give Freshers

You can resit an exam, but you can’t resit the sesh

Win a pair of Golden Tickets for the Liverpool RBMA UK Tour

Krept & Konan are there

Clubbers of the Week

Hey Mum, look how many friends I made.

We asked Freshers why they chose Liverpool

“Because I didn’t get into Leeds”

Photos of live mice in L1’s Red Hot World Buffet have surfaced

Inspectors found an infestation of live mice in the kitchen

Liverpool students say their uni is one of the worst for dealing with mental health

Demand for counselling services is on the rise

Liverpool is the 158th best university in the world

We beat Cardiff, Newcastle and Bath in the Times Education Rankings. Boss.

Liverpool is the 10th most right-swiped UK university on Tinder

That’s only the girls though

Herne Bay is a far cry from life at uni, but it’s the best place to grow up

Sleepy, lifeless, boring, heaven

Liverpool students drink the cheapest wine in the country

My head