How to spot someone from South Wales

Mae hen wlad fy nhadau yn annwyl i mi

I wouldn’t be able to get a 2:1 without Drake

He’s better than a supervisor. He’s better than a tutor. He’s Aubrey.

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Music for every moment

Spotify are throwing a secret party and you could be going

2016's up-and-coming artists will be there


The Alternative Smithdown Festival

Headliners include FemSoc vs. PhilSoc wrestling match

Faculty is the most underrated club in Liverpool

Who doesn’t want to listen to old school Ke$ha while being served an illegal quad vod disguised as two doubles?


Vote Now: things we’ll miss most about Liverpool

Can I take Harry Anderson home with me?

University pays tribute to student who died in Hillsborough disaster

They gave their respects to Sarah Hicks and her sister Victoria

It’s time for The Guild to disaffiliate from the NUS

Is the confederation really representative of Liverpool’s student population?

Group work is the worst thing you’ll experience at uni

The only thing it teaches you is how much you hate other people


The Tab Tries: Reenactment Society

It’s fun and educational


Hillsborough Jury Verdict: Victims were unlawfully killed

The Jury had to decide about possible police blame and other factors in the April 1989 crush

Everything to do in Liverpool before you graduate

If you didn’t tick these boxes did you ever really go to #uni?

Cava is the best drink for predrinks

Get out of here with your vodka and coke

Keeping up with Kyle: Why does everyone have a MacBook?

If you ain’t got a MacBook you ain’t a real student…apparently.

Win tickets to House Nation x CIRCUS at Sefton Park Palm House

Time to put on your Adidas and empty the glitter pot

You can raise money for the homeless by eating breakfast

It’s called the Big Boss Brekkie Week