Comedy Central Live is coming to the Guild

And it’s staying for every Thursday

There has been a major gas leak near North Campus

Students have been evacuated from their accommodation

A woman has been assualted with a high-heeled shoe on Bold Street

The incident happened on Saturday night

Smithdown Road Festival is back for 2017

There’s going to be over 160 acts playing

Who is the Scouse hero who paid £159 for a student’s train ticket?

Grace Georgina lost her return ticket before travelling back to Liverpool from Euston

Liverpool beats London as top UK city to find a job

Is there anything this city can’t do?

There’s a pay-what-you-want restaurant opening in Liverpool

It’s going to be open on Slater Street for five days in February

A definitive guide of where not to revise this exam fortnight

No studying is done in SJ social study

Liverpool venue perfectly predicted #watersportsgate

It’s like they knew

It’s set to snow in Liverpool this week

Can I park a sledge outside the SJ?

Every single thing in Liverpool you could spend your loan on

HOW many Stevie G cutouts?!

A rough sleeper has died after being found in Liverpool city centre

His death followed freezing temperatures across Merseyside

Every New Year’s resolution Liverpool students should actually keep this year

New year same you

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone to be screened with a live orchestra

Cue the muggle jokes

BREAKING: Juicy is back

And it’s in the Shipping Forecast

Here’s everything we lost in Liverpool in 2016

Bring on next year