Clubbers of the week

How many jagerbombs is too many?

The Guild is the best place for drinking in Liverpool

It’s more than just burritos

Staff at Bongo’s Bingo were held hostage at Camp & Furnace

They had hammers and a crow bar

All the questions we have for Eduroam, the most disappointing thing about uni

It is time to get the answers we deserve

Two arrested on suspicion of helping murderer Shaun Walmsley flee custody

They were caught last night

I don’t have any lecture friends and I love it

Shut up Henry, I just missed three lecture slides

Scrambler bike shooters opened fire in Wavertree last night

A 40-year-old man was shot

The Architecture building is being destroyed by Storm Doris


I ended up in A&E after being spiked in Concert Square

I lost all control of my body

Reports of Kensington being closed off by police during Storm Doris

Liverpool Twitter has gone off

Disabled student refused entry to Heebies because of her wheelchair

The club has sincerely denied the accusations

The realistic cost of a night out in Liverpool

Ever thought about the hidden cost of a boozy night out?

Escaped murderer’s getaway gold Volvo is found

But there’s still no sign of Shaun

An escaped murderer is on the run in Liverpool tonight

Armed men helped him escape

Liverpool is the second most sleep deprived city in the UK

One in five said that they’re kept awake at night thinking about their workload

Everything is better in the world now that Juicy is back

This is the 2017 we deserve

Every mistake you make on a night out in Baa Bar

A night out doesn’t count if you don’t wake up with regrets

From South Campus to Smithdown: How to stay fit while eating shit

Coping with the conflict between eating what you want and maintaining that summer bod

Mungo’s Hifi are set to play Fiesta Bombarda

The herbalists are coming