An ode to our Mothers on Mother’s Day

Let us praise them for the true heroines they are

Just because I live in Chancellors it doesn’t mean I’m a prick

People seem more than happy to show their dislike for someone in Chancellors

The alternative reasons you might not hear for why you should become a vegetarian

No more of those boring political reasons

Why is the food in the EUSA shops so expensive for what it is?

Meal Deal Talk should come and rate EUSA’s selection

Why you should care about Edinburgh’s new mental health strategy

Edinburgh has just released its new strategy to ‘boost mental health’ at the university.

Why living in Deaconess really wasn’t that great

*whispers* sometimes I wish I’d gone to Pollock

After another venue closure, Edinburgh’s music scene is in dire straits

Closure of venue Electric Circus marks further setback to Edinburgh’s struggling scene

I went to a faith school and I think that religion has no place in education

Ingraining homophobic ideas in kids is so fucked up

Excusing Pro-Life societies has nothing to do with Free Speech

2017 and people still won’t let us decide what happens to our own bodies

Edinburgh student rents are spiraling out of control – it’s time we started talking about it

We’re paying £100 per month more than four years ago

Why I read for fun, and you should too

Reading – it’s not just a really shit festival you go to after your GCSEs

Small Boobs, Big Heart: Why does it matter what I wear on a night out?

So stop asking me what I’m wearing tonight

Why Edinburgh’s pro-life society should be allowed to exist

After Spiked reported that Edinburgh is one of the worst universities in the UK for free speech it is more important than ever to defend Life Soc’s right to exist.

Letting agents are the worst way to get a flat – go through your mates instead

I’m pretty sure the 7th circle of hell is one long flat viewing

Why you should consider a long distance relationship at uni

The cost of train tickets is really worth cutting back on nachos

Why Valentine’s Day is the worst

Who wants to be in a packed cinema with couples fondling each other

Everyone forgets about Edinburgh’s Vet Med students

They work and play harder than any of us

T2: Trainspotting the review

Seeing Ewan McGregor strut his stuff in Cav is worth the entry fee alone

The best thing about Christmas: An ode to pigs in blankets

Suitable for vegetarians (no, really)