‘Our destiny is ours’: White supremacist posters put up on UF’s campus

UF is one of this fascist group’s latest targets

Posters promoting white nationalist group Identity Evropa were found around UF’s campus. According to its website, Identity Evropa is a fraternity of “[a] generation of awakened Europeans who have discovered that [they] are part of the great peoples, history, and civilization that flowed from the European continent.” The group is led by Nathan Damigo, who is the former leader of the Neo-Nazi National Youth Front.

Flyers with slogans like, “Our destiny is ours,” and “Let’s become great again,” were posted near the stadium.

The appearance of these posters on UF’s campus is not an isolated incident. The posters are part of #ProjectSiege, a campaign aiming to spread their ideologies and recruit college-aged potential members. According to Identity Evropa’s Twitter, the fascist organization has targeted other universities as well, including Ohio State.

This is not the first incident of anti-diversity here on campus. A man wearing a Swastika was spotted at Turlington, racist and xenophobic slurs were written on whiteboards in Anderson Hall, and a Beaty Towers’ resident’s Black History Month decorations were deliberately torn off her door.

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