‘Protect your heritage’: White supremacist posters put up on Ohio State’s campus

This is not the first time alt-right posters have appeared on campus

Signs supporting the white nationalist group Identity Evropa were put up around Ohio State’s campus yesterday. The fascist formation is headed by Nathan Damigo, the founder of a Neo-Nazi organization targeted toward recruiting youths, and has close ties to Richard Spencer, the President of the National Policy Institute in DC.

The group’s Twitter page posted a series of images claiming flyers were posted around The Ohio State University. The posters contain slogans that read, “Our destiny is ours,” “Our future belongs to us,” and “Protect your heritage.” In some cases, the white supremacist messages were strategically hung over posters that promote diversity and immigration.

The posters are likely part of a poster campaign the group recently launched. Posters have been appearing in universities and colleges all over the country as propaganda for the group in order to recruit more members and to spread the group’s message.

Identity Evropa’s website describes the group as a fraternity, made up of a “generation of awakened europeans who have discovered that [they] are part of the great peoples, history, and civilization that flowed from the European continent.” The alt-right group rejects the idea that identity can be deconstructed and opposes anyone who threatens to “defame [their] history and rich cultural heritage.”

This is not the first time that anti-diversity posters have appeared on Ohio State’s campus. Last December, posters reading “love who you are, be white” appeared in Hagerty Hall, hung by supporters of the Alt-Right Movement, a group known for promoting white supremacy.

If you have seen these posters on campus, please contact [email protected].

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