Racist and xenophobic slurs written on whiteboards in Anderson Hall

The hateful comments seemed to be a response to Black History Month

Racist and xenophobic slurs were found written on the whiteboards in Room 134 of Anderson Hall this morning.

UF student Steven Baldizon told The Tab the racist phrases were discovered by a group of students and custodial staff when they entered Room 134 in Anderson Hall.

“Make America Great Again! No Negroes, No Mexicans, No Muslims,” was one of the phrases written in all caps.

The hateful comments seemed to be a response to Black History Month, a part of the board reading, [Black History] Month Is Racist! Fuck Nigger Month!” in all caps.

Associate professor and Chair of the Department of Political Science, Ido Oren, acquired photos of the board and sent them to President Fuchs and other PoliSci students.

In a Facebook post with the photos Steven said he is “ashamed to be a part of this university today.”

“Shameful acts are becoming normalized on campus. The resistance and fight against prejudice and blatant racism in this country will not stop. Disgusting acts committed by disgusting people,” he included.

This has not been the first incident of hatefulness here at the University of Florida.

President Fuchs has yet to respond to the email.

More to follow.


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