You’re my boy, Blue: Will Ferrell paid this student $100,000 for her college tuition

Can he pay for my avocado toast

Will Ferrell pretty much made every college student’s dream come true when he presented an Ithaca College junior with an $100,000 check on The Today Show.

Samantha Watts came on the show as a finalist for a scholarship and ended up walking out with way more than she expected.

After Samantha’s father was diagnosed with cancer and underwent various forms of treatment, her family faced medical bills that made her reliant on scholarships and student loans to pay for her education. Now looking to head on to graduate school, Ferrell’s check made her extremely emotional.

“I’m flabbergasted,” said Samantha. “This is amazing.”

Though Ferrell was on the show to promote his new movie, The House, his gift to Samantha is one she’ll never forget. Samantha is going on to study Speech Pathology and Education Studies in the School of Health Sciences and Human Performance.