I hope your summer job is going better than the intern who called Paul Ryan a ‘cuck’

He has since lost his internship

Most students show up to an internship on their best behavior: eager to please, asking all the right questions, and waiting until the end of the day to text their mom about it. But Capitol Hill intern Nate Washington this week was caught on a recording¬†blasting Speaker Paul Ryan, calling him a “cuck” and using other homophobic, offensive terms.

The recording transcript shows Washington saying, “Paul Ryan is a cuck, he’s a cuck, get him out,” and following with “Paul Ryan: cuck first and Yankee second.”

His rant included the Revolutionary War, in which he said “Americans are the superior race to everyone in the world…we’re superior people.” He even referred to the British as “faggots.”

Washington further commented on Trump’s controversial immigration policies and believes we should close US borders, saying “fuck no!” to critics who call for a loosening of¬†immigration policies. The recording exposes other instances of bigotry against Muslims and how human rights are “garbage” as a means for providing healthcare.

Other Hill staffers have claimed that Washington was known for his controversial comments in the office during his six months there. His Twitter account also shows that he has used the terms “fag” “faggot” and “gay” as a derogatory term repeatedly before being hired.

This incident calls into question the process of hiring interns, especially for such a high-ranking government position. The office of Tom Cotton, for whom Washington was an intern, has stated that he is “no longer an intern.”

And you thought you made a bad first impression at your internship.