Swastika graffiti on UNH campus

It has been dismissed by the administration as an act of ‘bias and vandalism’

Swastikas have been found scrawled on a dorm at the University of New Hampshire.

In a week that has already seen a bitter scandal sparked by cultural appropriation and students posing in blackface, nine swastikas were daubed on the walls of Stoke Residence Hall.

The graffiti, which has yet to be painted over, was dismissed by the administration as an act of “bias and vandalism.”

The building director of Stoke, who signed her email just as Kayleigh, said: “This afternoon swastika drawings were found in the building. This is an act of both bias and vandalism which have no place on our UNH campus or in Stoke. At this point, I am not sure who is responsible for this or what their intention was behind this act.”

Many students said they were unsatisfied with that statement, declaring the swastikas “a hate crime.”

Faye DiBella, the outgoing president of UNH Hillel, told The Tab: “The Hall Director Kaleigh did send out an email. It was extremely unacceptable what she said. She called it an act of bias and vandalism. To call a hate act a form of bias is ridiculous. It needs to be explained: This is a hate crime.

“I was absolutely outraged but not surprised. We’ve had two incidents of blackface this week. Why swastikas now? The racism on this campus is unbelievable. It makes me really worried and concerned for students who live on campus. I want to reach out to Jewish students on campus and make sure they are OK.”

Nelson Idahosa, a freshman involved in the BSU added: “I personally feel this whole incident is simply disheartening and alarming. It shows this institution has been racist and insensitive to other people’s feelings. The lack of repercussions for these issues, although the admins may feel personally some sort of problem for these actions they don’t do anything. And actions speak louder than words.”

More to follow.