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EXCLUSIVE: Malik Obama says his brother Barack is a ‘cuck’

‘Of course he’s a cuck’


Malik Obama, the Trump supporting former President's half-brother has spoken out to say his brother is a "cuck."

In an exclusive interview with The Tab, he railed against his sibling Barack for not taking his calls, and described what he believes are "cucks" and "thots" – terms he uses extensively on Twitter.

Here's our conversation, edited for length and clarity.

So how's Donald Trump getting on, is he making America great again?

Oh yeah. I think so, he's cleaning up the mess.

What's the best thing so far?

They're trying to pile a lot on him, but he's tough as nails. So he's just trying to fulfill the promises that he made during his campaign. 

Favorite thing about Trump?

That he's bold and fights for what he believes is right for the American people.

What do you think about Barack Obama and his legacy? Have you spoken to him recently?

No I haven't. 

When was the last time you spoke to him?

I haven't spoken to him in a while. It might have been last year, sometime around July. 

And what did you speak to him about?

I don't want to divulge all that. I've exhausted all that. It's rehashing all the same old things, like beating a dead horse. I think Mr Trump is doing great. He's trying to make good his promises. He wants to make America safe and rich again. I'm 100 percent in support of him.

Tell me about your Twitter account, you've got a pretty big following. Do you  

Yeah I enjoy Twitter. I didn't know it would be so much fun. I'm enjoying communicating and expressing myself and hearing what everyone else has on their minds. I see myself being the voice of the voiceless and the hope for the hopeless. The response has been great. I want to get one hundred thousand, a million, billion followers. 

You tweet a lot about thots – what is a thot to you?

A thot is a bad hombre. Male or female, a bad person. People who are fake. Who are hypocrites. Who go around spreading mischief on the earth. 

What's the difference between a thot and a cuck?

A thot is a crude terminology. A cuck is more savvy. It's just terminology. My people, they understand. If you follow my tweets, you'll understand also.

How do you identify them – you said the Washington Post is for cucks and the Huffington Post is for thots?

Yeah the Huffington Post, CNN and the Washington Post are run by cucks. It's the liberal left leaning newspapers, where they everything goes. Anybody who's trying to bring back the more conservative old school traditional way of thinking

I believe men were made men, and women were made women. God made us what we are. But if we try to succumb to our imagination, everything goes. They have the bad thinking – the cucks are like that. Everybody everywhere is securing their borders, and so-called undocumented illegals need to be removed because they are illegal. Even in Kenya, they're building a wall. If Mr Trump feels like we need to do the same, this other school of thought or people will feel that infringes on everybody's right.

Who or what else is a cuck?

Oprah Winfrey is a cuck. And Whoopi Goldberg is a cuck. I find them to be extremely hypocritical and I cannot trust them.

And a thot?

A thot is more crude is more crude, typically other politicians because they're the ones who are mean and nasty. They are crude. They will just attack. It means That Hoe Over There. Bad people. 

You tweet a lot about Pepe?

Pepe is a symbol. People are using him as a unifier. Something they can identify with. Just as you would a mask. Some people identify with a willow tree, some people with a mountain, or Donald Duck. People can identify with so many things, even a drum, maybe a chair. It's just a symbol that we identify with. We love Pepe. He represents what we stand for, what I stand for. 

When this thing came up with Hillary Clinton, how she lied about her involvement in the bombings in Libya and the emails. Even my brother identified so much with his family, but at the end of the day he threw all of us under the bus. He was in the orbit of Hillary Clinton and the elitists. He became super elite. I lump them all together because I had so much faith and hope. I was expecting so much from his ideals. But at the end of the day, my brother is only going to be remembered for being the first Black President of the United States. History will only remember him for that. I have a feeling like Hillary Clinton was the one who was advising him, I think he was a puppet of the establishment.

He did nothing for me. Why should I be loyal? I don't know Hillary Clinton from jack. 

Are you alt right?

I don't know about alt right and alt left. I just stand for what I believe in. If it's a school of thinking that agrees with me. I'm not extreme. 

Anything else to add?

Everybody sends me message because they can't reach Barack. He is inaccessible. You can't reach him. I'm exposed to so people think I'm the channel to him. They don't understand I can't reach him myself. I tell you what kind of person he is because he's inaccessible, he's only mingling with the people who have money.

Is that a cuck thing to do?

Of course. He's up there in that heaven of his, that ivory tower. Remember he used to be a community organizer. Where's that person now? He's traveling in his big fat plane, in his big fat car, his big fat house. You can't reach him anymore. At the end of the time, who does he go on vacation with? Richard Branson. Imagine. People with money, why couldn't go with Diana Ross or Kareem Abdul-Jabbar? That's the mentality where he is. I've lost him. He doesn't give us any phone calls, he doesn't call his grandma, nobody. He's lost in La La Land. Did you see the movie La La Land?

Yes I did, did you?

Yeah, I did. These days I don't really go because it's all a bunch of illusions, I like to stay in reality. I try not to get sucked into another world. I like Tombstone. That's what I watch all the time. It's a 1993 movie. I like that movie, it's very nice. I watch it all the time.

Thanks Malik.