This diehard #TrumpCup supporter doesn’t get what you’re so upset about

‘I’m having so many black people contact me and calling me all sorts of horrible things’

The latest knife to be plunged into the remains of America’s political sanity comes in the form of #TrumpCup.

It began in Starbucks, with a new spat concerning the right of Trump voters to ask for the name of the president-elect to be written on the side of the caramel macchiatos.

If this wasn’t clear enough, we chatted to outspoken Trump voter Keleigh Glover, who goes by @BarbieKeleigh online, to explain more.


Tell me about #Trump Cup.

Did you initially see it on CNN? They were the first to report on this. Unfortunately, the story they reported is completely untrue. This started when a good friend of mine, Stacy and her husband Bill, went to Starbucks on the night before the election, November 7th in Palm Beach County, Florida.

Just for a fun, when they were asked what their names were, they said “Trump.” And the barista said: “No, I’m not doing that.” He refused to take their order. And so Bill called the 1-800 number for Starbucks and asked: “Can I have whatever I want written on my cup?” And the sales rep said: “If you want Trump written on your cup, you can have Trump written on your cup.” The local Starbucks said: “No, you’re not doing that,” and called the police. They didn’t want to write Trump on his cup – there’s a video, not the one CNN is circulating.

You know Milo Yiannopoulos? He picked up this story, and uploaded this video to Facebook, saying “This is crazy.” And then his friend, Baked Alaska [his username], uploaded the video on Twitter, asking people to go to Starbucks and ask for Trump on your cup, to see if everyone has these problems. I’ve shared the video, and a bunch of my friends have shared it.

I actually already did it. Howard Schultz endorsed Hillary for president on September 9th, and so I tried to get a refund on my $100 gift card, because I don’t think a company like that should be involved in politics. I think you should keep it separate. They refused to issue a refund, so I decided to use it. And I went for a coffee and asked for my name to be Trump and took a picture of it and posted in online.

CNN contacted me and said: “Hey, can we use your photos in our news story?” I said: “Yes, only if you report the truth and show the video of my friend getting the cops called him just because he wanted Trump written on my cup.” Lo and behold, they did not show my pictures because they did not report the truth.

They showed some video I’ve never even heard of or seen of some guy down in Miami, who flipped out in a Starbucks and called the girl who works there “trash.” CNN has turned it into this, like, racist thing, because the girl behind the counter was I think, African American, or maybe she was biracial or something. So they’re saying this white guy is saying it was discrimination against white people. CNN has turned it into this whole race-baiting story that’s not even true.

Now I’m being attacked endlessly on Twitter. I was thinking about shutting down my Twitter because I’m having so many black people contact me and calling me all sorts of horrible things. It’s crazy to me that CNN would report this fake story.

The original video, credit: @LollicakesFL

What kinds of things are you being called?

People on Twitter are saying horrible things. They’re saying I deserve to die, they’re calling me a ho, a slut, a bitch, a c-u-n-t. Terrible words. A racist. Even before this, I’ve got a lot of hatred because I’ve been open about my support of Trump on social media. I’ve been told I deserve to be gang-raped by black men, I deserve a bullet in my brain, I better watch my back. All kinds of stuff.

And what kind of people saying this?

They’re all anti-Trump people, so I assume they’re liberals. Most of the people contacting me have been African Americans… but there’s a variety.

Do you think there’s a reason for that?

Well, because CNN is saying this is a racist thing. They’re saying Trump supporters were protesting and in an alliance with this supposed guy down in Miami who says Starbucks is anti-white people. Now black people have seen this story, which is not true, and they believe it. Now they’re attacking me, saying I’m racist, which I’m not. That’s the problem with mainstream media, they influence their viewers.


So why are you excited to see Donald Trump become president?

Honestly, I’ve never been more proud to be American. I’m incredibly excited. A lot of different things are important to me, the economy, jobs, immigration, and our national security. More than anything, number one, is the corruption. I voted for Trump because he’s not a politician and a part of the corruption that has been in DC for decades. Trump will control the corruption and everything that’s going on. He’s a businessman, and I think our country should be run as a business. He’s not a politician, he can’t be bought. That’s what I’m most looking forward to. Exposing all of the corruption and getting rid of it.

One of Trump’s big selling points is his stance on immigration – what would you like to see happen?

I am not against legal immigration. Trump is married to a legal immigrant. My problem is illegal immigration and I don’t think the people who come over here, the ones who are being arrested and harboured in sanctuary cities, I don’t think that’s right at all. The people who deserve to be here are the ones who come here legally. Our vetting needs to be re-evaluated because it’s obviously not working. Hopefully Trump will do a complete overhaul of our immigration system.

There’s a lot being said about Trump’s possible plan to register Muslims in America, what’s your take on that?

I have no problem with that. If it were blondes that were committing all of these violent terrorist attacks, I would have no problem myself volunteering to be on the registry as a blonde. Actually I studied Arabic for two years in college, which included the language, and culture, and religion. So I am very knowledgeable about Muslim culture and religion. And I have many friends that are Muslim. Actually many of my friends that are Muslim are Trump supporters too. And they always say Muslims are the number one victims of radical Islamic attacks. I don’t know why the good Muslims here in America aren’t more interested supportive of stopping radical Islam coming into the US. I don’t know.