We may not have a female president, but some good things did happen last night

It’s not all tear-jerking stuff

We campaigned, we voted and we got so close to smashing the glass ceiling that we could literally taste the excitement. And then we cried when it was all over.

Today is a sad day for girls everywhere, because we genuinely thought we would wake up with a female president. We had so much hope and our aspirations were sky high in the days leading up to yesterday. But they shouldn’t stop just because we didn’t get the big victory we dreamt of.

We have so much to celebrate about November 8th — women and minorities won seats in the House and Senate, weed was legalized in California and we all came together in a big, teary, and still occasionally funny internet hug. So let’s be happy that last night paved the way for a fucking beautiful future, even if it takes longer to get to than we thought.

We elected the First Latina Senator

Catherine Cortez Masto, a Latina Democrat, defeated Joe Heck, a man and Republican, last night in Nevada. She became the first Latina Senator ever to head to Washington.

That’s pretty fucking powerful.

We have our first ever openly LGBT Governor

We may all be shedding a collective tear for the battles that will undoubtedly face the LGBT community in the coming years, but here’s a reminder that last night, Oregon elected the first ever LGBT governor in U.S. history. Oh, and she’s a woman.

We have our first Somali-American lawmaker

Ilhan Omar will go down in history as a mother, refugee, Muslim, feminist — and now a Minnesota state representative. Her credentials are pretty fucking sweet and she’s the first Somali-American Muslim to achieve all of this.

And a black female Senator for the first time since 1999

Kamala Harris, the Attorney General of California, became the second-ever black woman to be elected to senate last night and the first in 17 long years.

The first-ever Indian-American woman elected to the House of Representatives

Not only did Pramila Jayapal become the first Indian-American woman in the House of Representatives last night, but she meet her male opponent, Brady Walkinshaw, in a landslide victory, with 57 percent of the vote.

No biggie.

There was a shit ton of girl love

We cried, we hugged, we tweeted. None of these may have been with happiness, but we still did it all together. If there’s any positive in any of our despair, it’s that no one is in this alone and we’ll fight together.

Countless marches and protests are popping up over Facebook proving that if we can’t make history with a female leader, we’ll make history like girls have always done.

420 happened, legally

If you’re still bummed, stick this in your pipe and smoke it: recreational weed is now legal in California. Call you dealer, get your girls, leave your desk at 420 and soothe your sweet soul.

There were some pretty epic memes

Google #TrumpCake (perhaps after you’ve had a toke of that newly legal marijuana) and just try not to laugh. Even in times of great hardship, we’ll always have our memes.