Here’s why everyone’s tweeting #DoYourJob right now

And why it’s backfiring

The Democratic establishment decided to wield the hashtag #DoYourJob against Congressional Republicans, ironically reappropriating a war-cry adopted by the Bernie Sanders coalition.

As reported by The Tab in July, Bernie delegates from California broke out into chants of “do your job” while California Secretary of State Alex Padilla spoke at a state delegation breakfast at the DNC. They protested the FBI’s decision not to indict former Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her mishandling of government data.

This hashtag arrives in light of the release of FBI transcripts revealing Clinton making outlandish claims such as believing the “C” marking documents as confidential indicated documents’ alphabetical rank and that her aides smashed one of over a dozen Blackberries, inadvertently contradicted her claim that she only set up her private email server to avoid using more than one phone. Reflecting a CNN/ORC poll released on Tuesday 60 percent of Americans do not trust Clinton, nor does the FBI transcript release improve the perception that the FBI acted impartially and conducted a thorough investigation.

Needless to say, the Democrats choice of words and timing did not work in their favor.

The Bernie coalition even returned to reclaim their chant: