I tried #Fatspo, the answer to Instagram’s toxic #Fitspo

I want to eat dirty

Ever since about 2015 so called #Fitspo has become the biggest trend on instagram, pinterest and tumblr. There’s transformation tuesday, endless fitness accounts, and whatever the fuck clean eating is.

Everyone is in a rush to get fit, lose weight or become thin, and be seen while doing it.  Whatever happened to enjoying our food and life? Sometimes you need to just sit down and pig out with a friend to have a good time.


So I tried #Fatspo. A viral social media movement I just made up, because, let’s be honest kale smoothies don’t taste as good as milkshakes, and a quinoa salad just doesn’t fill you up like a deep pan pizza does.

From making a greasy hangover sandwich to ordering wings, trying #fatspo and pigging out on real food made me realize it’s much more inspirational to eat food that makes me happy.



The nature of my challenge was to try a lot of foods and enjoyed it no matter the amount of calories. I actually didn’t even think about the calories.

I pigged out on whatever my heart desired. Instead of doing a double session at the gym and instagramming my sweaty body, I ordered double bacon.


After all you can’t swear away chicken wings and pizza forever it’s all about balance.

There’s a time for wolfing down salads and slurping smoothies, but it’s not when you’re instagramming.


So eat what you want because who ever invented the phrase “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels,” has never had a bacon and egg bagel.

There’s nothing exciting about sweaty hair, and a glossy body, but what does get me going is a good meaty pizza.


So love yourself, eat what you want and if anyone tries to tell you what to eat, send them to In ‘n’ Out burger and show them what’s up.