Watch Bernie Sanders delegates walk out of Hillary’s acceptance speech

We caught it on video as they were escorted by law enforcement

PHILADELPHIA — After days of threats of rebellion and resistance, at least a portion of the Bernie or Bust movement followed through just now.

Bernie supporters – apparently delegates – walked out during Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s acceptance speech on the final night of the Democratic National Convention.

WATCH: The Tab spoke to the delegates as they walked out. 

Approximately ten left the hall and were escorted out by law enforcement while chanting unidentified cries against Hillary.

Then members of the California, Idaho and Washington delegations – more than a dozen of them – followed suit.

Tiana Lowe for The Tab

Although the heckles from a few upper decks emerged within seconds of Clinton beginning to speak, chants of “Hillary” quickly drowned them out.

Officials in DNC yellow jackets were said to be asking Clinton supporters to cover Bernie signs from the view of TV cameras. 

More to follow.