Istanbul students in midst of Turkish coup: ‘We’re scared and confused’

Students at Emory University and King’s College London talk exclusively to The Tab


Turkish students in Istanbul are “scared” and “confused” as members of their military attempt to oust President Erdogan in a coup.  

Deniz Parmaksiz, an Emory student, is currently in Etiler, Istanbul.

Deniz Parmaksiz

“We’re withdrawing money, buying food,” the 19-year-old told The Tab.

“If you go out on the street you might get arrested. They’ve blocked the bridges and there’s tanks at the airport.  There’s F16 airplanes flying over the capital.

“Everyone’s trying to get cash, gas and food because they’re all going to be expensive from tomorrow. The internet and electricity might be gone, and there’s long lines in front of the ATMs. I’m scared.”

King’s College London second year Mina Tümay is based in Erenkoy, the Asian district.

Mina Tümay

She said: “I’m very confused and scared.

“I’m inside and we keep hearing helicopters and police sirens. Tanks have passed through Bagdat Street, one of the biggest shopping districts.”

Members of the Turkish Army attempted to seize power this evening. It is rumored that they have taken one of the nation’s top generals hostage. State television has been shut down, and it is expected that social media outlets are soon to follow.

Low-flying jets and gunfire can be heard in the capital Ankara, and bridges across Bosphorus in Istanbul are closed.

President Erdogan is reported to be “safe” and urged Turks to stay indoors tonight.