Commuting by Uber in New York is now cheaper than using the subway

No more awkward eye contact with strangers

Thanks to Uber’s newest promotion, commuting to work using their taxi service will be cheaper than using the subway this summer.

The UberPool “commute card” works on Uber’s carpooling service anywhere in Manhattan below 125th Street from 7-10am and 5-8pm, Monday to Friday.

The promotion is only available to members of Gilt City, however joining is completely free.


No more awkward eye contact with strangers

A two-week pass will set you back $49, a four-week pass will cost $79, and an eight-week pass will be $159.

Comparatively, an unlimited seven-day pass for the NYC subway costs you $31 and a 30-day card is $116.50. Presuming you commute to and from work five times a week the price per-commute works out at $2.91 on a monthly subway pass. The price per-commute on Uber’s four week alternative is just $1.98.

Uber’s general manager for New York City, Josh Mohrer, said in a statement:  “We are hoping to make commuting in the hot summer just a little bit easier by expanding our $5 UberPool flat-rate option to include unlimited UberPool rides in Manhattan.”