Why I like being called ‘one of the guys’

You should never be ashamed of being yourself

A guys’ girl: I’m sure you know the type. The girl that is more invested in sports then half the men you know, or the girl that can destroy you at any video game. The type of girl who despises ‘girl drama’ and who doesn’t mind being just ‘one of the guys’ for a change.

Or even the type of girl who obsesses over a good workout burn, and who goes on a shopping spree for new skateboard parts. This girl, according to others, is me.

Longboarding in a vacant lot

I’ve seen other girls get frustrated with being called a ‘guys’ girl’, complaining that it makes them feel manly. But for me, I embrace this title – and so should everyone. The title of ‘a guys’ girl’ means that you outwardly portray a woman who is strong, smart, adventurous, and independent – which are all qualities you should never be ashamed of.

Personally, I have never been afraid to go against the grain of the predetermined characteristics of being girly. I’ve grown up listening to metal music, have played video games for as long as I can remember, and have never been afraid to get my hands dirty.

Rebuilding homes in San Francisco

Although I do admit that I enjoy getting dressed up every so often, I undoubtedly am most comfortable  in ripped jeans and a band t-shirt or on a wilderness adventure in sweatpants with my guy friends.

Whether those choices make me more manly than the next girl, I honestly could not care less. Regardless of other’s judgments against my own femininity, I will still continue to push well beyond my mental and physical boundaries and will relentlessly redefine what it means to be feminine in a world where femininity is synonymous with weakness.

Girls can lift too

Being a ‘guys’ girl’ should not be defined by ones rate of femininity, neither should being defined as a girly girl be synonymous with weakness.  We are all woman at the end of the day, therefore whether we are yelling at refs during a football game or putting on our second coat of mascara, we are all equally feminine and should thus embrace our way of expressing it.