Ladies, activewear is not just for the gym anymore

Leggings are the new denim

Yes, really. Activewear is not just for the gym anymore. The “athleisure” category within the clothing industry has grown into a lifestyle.


Stylish leggings and sports bras that were once only acceptable to wear at the gym are now welcomed to everyday streetwear. The popularity of athleisure has resulted in an abundance of cute, comfortable styles to wear athletically and leisurely.


JUJA joined the athleisure movement to empower females and encourage them to be active and comfortable with their bodies. That empowerment begins with self-confidence and self-expression through clothing. With many patterns and styles to choose from, JUJA gives you the opportunity to wear clothes that express who you are.


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Leggings used to be defined as the simple, black wardrobe staple you had many pairs of in your closet. However, leggings are not limited to that rigid definition anymore.


If you walk into any activewear store, you will find leggings in many different colors and patterns. Instead of pairing black leggings with a bright or patterned top, the opposite is happening. With that being said, you can never go wrong with a pair of cool leggings and a simple top.

Sports bras

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The style of sports bras are following the same trend leggings. They are no longer simple undergarments that are not supposed to be seen by the public. Instead, they have become an important aspect of an athleisure outfit. Every time you walk into an activewear store, you are bound to see new styles and patterns. Whether it is a sports bra with cool straps or with fringe, they are the perfect eye-catching addition to an outfit.


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Because the athleisure industry is continuing to expand, so are the styles of jackets. So, trade your plain black jacket for a patterned one that helps top off your outfit.


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Since it is common for leggings to be the focal point of an outfit now-a-days, the tops you find in activewear stores tend to be more simple. However, simple and solid does not mean boring. The detail of each top is what keeps it cute and trendy. Patterned, bright leggings pair nicely with solid tops that have strappy details as well as little sayings on them.

So don’t be afraid to rock bold leggings with cute pairings both in and out of the gym!

The clothing featured in this article is from JUJA Active.