Which Uni of York college all the 2023 Bake Off contestants would be in

Saku would be a campus legend

The 14th series of Bake Off is well underway. Blessed with the icon presence of Alison Hammond and York’s very own Rowen.

Now we are in week four, I’m sure all freshers have asked about a thousand people what college they are in and judged them accordingly. So here’s which York college every contestant from Bake Off 2023 would thrive in:

Abbi –  Anne Lister

Like Anne Lister, our Yorkshire girl Abbi seems to be a blend of everything. Her life was summarised as “She grew up in Tunisia, and now she aerial hoops part-time.” Anne Lister is one of the new colleges and is still building a reputation so for now, anything goes, they wouldn’t bat an eyelid at her obsession with foraging or her love of the Victorian Era. After going home in week three, I am going to miss the new random hobby revel every episode. 

Amos – David Kato

Amos is colourful and chic and would feel right at home in the modern classic design of David Kato. While it was heart-breaking seeing the theatre kid leave in week one, he would fit right in on East and I’m sure you would see Amos doing Karaoke in the Glasshouse. But ultimately like most colleges on East, he will soon be forgotten.

Cristy – Langwith

While not as upscale as Constantine, Langwith has very classy vibes, just like Cristy. Langwith is the mum friend of colleges next to the bus stop and Glasshouse it is in the perfect location for karaoke and an early night, or an absolutely wild night out where Cristy would still make it to her 9am with perfect hair.

Dan – James

Dan’s literal thinking “PIZZA” bread would go down a storm in James. He is one of the lads, a football player, and a gym rat, although I’m not sure you could pay me to drink his home-brewed beer. Dan would definitely have a James three quarter zip. 

Dana – Halfix

Dana would feel right at home at Halifax, as the biggest college there are plenty of opportunities to make friends, and Dana would be friends with everybody. She described her baking as “rustic and homely” just like the Halifax houses, she’s a little bit messy around the edges but definitely would make birthday cakes for everyone in the house. 

Josh – Alcuin

As a scientist, Josh plays into The Alcuin smart boy stereotype. He has the sweetest energy, the type of guy you want to wrap in bubble wrap, and I could see him sitting in the kitchen at Alcuin reading some science book. He has also faced the biggest injustice of the show (after receiving a Hollywood handshake but not a star baker), and he seemed so unbothered. Like Alcuin, he is in his own little world. 

Keith – Vanbrugh

While Keith can bake, he seems like he would be the type of uni student who needs help with simple tasks like laundry and washing up. He was nicknamed Needy Ned after needing constant reassurance from the other contestants, so Vanburgh dining would be his lifeline.

Matty – James 

Matty, who is unfortunately taken, is the typical James lad. He met his fiancé at the gym, bakes for his rugby team and made the West Ham badge out of bread. He has the maturity of a teenage boy and could not keep a straight face when Paul asked about his Ball size (but who could). You would find Matty in Salvos almost every night doing whatever the lads dare him to do. 

Nicky – Vanbrugh 

I want Nicky to be my mum, every time she says wee, my whole body warms. I can see her watching the bunnies outside Vanbrugh, going for a morning stroll around West to feed the ducks and enjoying a Vanbrugh Jazz night. I am obsessed with Angus, the highland cow, and her beaver brought the first of many innuendos in this series. 

Rowan – Derwent 

Our very own Rowen was a Derwenter. His larger-than-life than life personality and go-big or go-home attitude are Derwent through and through. Rowan would rather be “monstrous than mediocre” and I think Derwent really toes the lie with gorgeous wildlife and interesting architecture. However, I’m not sure if he could have prepared a wedding/birthday cake in the Derwent meniscal kitchens.

Does anyone know where Rowan shops? he as a serious fun shirt collection that I need to copy. 

Saku – Halifax 


Saku is the funniest contestant in the series. She’s wacky, a bit of everything and unique, I mean, who else can say they have thrown a ball directly at Alison Hammond’s crotch? She is the queen of one-liners and will definitely stay in the Baker Hall of Fame. As the isolated college, Halifax is known for making its own fun, and Saku would create some type of drinking game that would outlive and maintain her legend status. 

Tasha – Constantine

Tasha couldn’t help but telling us all about her time ski instructing in Japan, she is the Constantine girl who can’t stop talking about her gap year and being a citizen of the world. She is a girls-girl and would help you do your makeup for a night out, bottomless brunch or to her friend’s West End show, she would fit right in with the Constantine girlies. She would also be on the committee for like 10 societies all of which would host pres in varying cocktail bars. 

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