As a second year Uni of York student, here are my top tips for freshers

I’ve learnt from my mistakes so you don’t have to


Freshers’ Week is one of the busiest weeks of your first year. It can seem overwhelming, but will be the most exciting week of uni, trust me. Make the most of getting to know new people, starting your degree, and of course partying! You will have the time of your life in first year, and there is something new out there for everyone to try. Following these seven tips will ensure you make the most of being a fresher.

Prepare for Freshers’ Flu

Freshers’ Flu is no myth, it will sneak up on you when you least expect it. For this reason you NEED a little medication box with the basics: Throat lozenges, paracetamol, cough syrup etc. This will save you when you are too ill to travel to a pharmacy for help.

Join societies

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It is rare that you will get along with everyone in your uni house, great if you do. But make sure you are making friends away from your living space too. Joining societies, whether it is sports related, food related or just for fun will allow you to stay busy with different people.


It might be exciting once you get your first loan payment and you might feel loaded, but be reasonable with your money. Creating a budget plan will ensure you know how much spare money you have for going out and having fun.

Pre, Pre, Pre!

For those who are wanting to go clubbing often, pre drinks will save your bank account. You might think £4.90 trebs are a bargain, but once you buy a few you realise it would have been cheaper to pre drink before heading out.

Don’t skip your lectures

Once you skip your first lecture, you will end up never going to another. Make sure to attend as many as you can, that way going out and having fun is your reward for attending them.

Enjoy your own company

There will be many times when your friends will be busy and you are by yourself for a day or two. It’s normal! The best thing to do is to learn to love your own company. This may be hard but taking yourself on solo dates, going for a walk or even ringing up friends and family from home can help with this.

Start thinking about second year housing

It might seem early, but try to establish who you would like to live with in second year as soon as you can. Figuring out housing groups is a common delay in the process of securing your second year house, and with housing crisis’ across several UK unis, you want as little delay as possible.

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