York McDonald’s security guard filmed punching girl and dragging her across floor

McDonald’s is now carrying out a full investigation

McDonald’s has taken a security guard off-duty after video footage shows him punching a girl in a York McDonald’s.

The footage, obtained by The York Tab and reportedly taken around 6:30pm last night, shows a girl being dragged across the floor by a security guard at McDonald’s on Blake Street.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s said it has a “zero-tolerance policy when it comes to violence and abuse of any kind.”

The video, taken by a witness of the event, shows the security guard punching the girl in the face who then falls to the floor. The girl is then seen attempting to stand up by grabbing the security guard’s legs.

Whilst lying on the floor she kicks up one of her legs. The security guard kicks her and yells “off you go”. He then picks up her leg and drags her across the floor towards the door. One onlooker can be heard asking: “Is she out cold?”

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McDonald’s has launched an investigation into the incident, and the security guard has been taken off-duty.

A spokesperson for McDonald’s told The Sun: “We have a zero-tolerance policy towards violence or abuse of any kind. The individual in question works for an external security company and will not be on duty at any of our restaurants while we carry out a full investigation into this incident.”

One source said: “Something needs to be publicly said about this ‘security guard’ in Maccies. Videos are going round of him sucker-punching a girl in McDonald’s in front of people and then dragging her out with no one doing anything.”

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