The official freshers’ guide to every single Warwick Uni student hall and their vibes

Let’s just say the vibes at Rootes are… interesting

If there’s one thing about Warwick campus that screams first year freshers, its their uni halls. There’ll be enough flat drama, messy sinks, clogged toilets and overflowing bins for years to come – all condensed into one week. That being said, our uni student hall is the very thing that defines us. Are you a Bluebell girlie or a Townhouse boy? A Rootes warrior or a Westwood alien?

There’s just so many different vibes that make or break each Warwick freshers experience. So, here’s the official freshers’ guide to every single Warwick uni student hall and their vibes, just so you never forget.


Starting off the list strong is Rootes. Rootes is a mixed bag. Fun, chaotic and a bit grimy, it’s practically Skins. If you live in Rootes, the only thing bigger than your gross week-old kitchen bin bags are the ones under your eyes. Roote’s residents get no sleep because of the constant parties in their kitchens or from hearing their roommates getting busy, and no, I do not mean finishing their assignment that’s no doubt three days late and counting.


Moving from social butterflies to social question marks is Westwood. Being the furthest accommodation from central campus, Westwood is in a little world of its own. As solar system analogies go, if main campus is earth, then Westwood is Pluto – really far away and people always forget it exists. Not to worry though, living here means a close community feel and a freezing walk back from Pop at 2am.


Claycroft is that one chill friend you see now and then and always smells like weed. Luckily, being right next to Tesco means that impulse food trips to Rootes grocery are practically non-existent. Claycroft gives hippie-tree hugger because of its surrounding woods and fields, but you will inevitably end up in a love-hate relationship with the other person in your weird two-person mini flat situation.


To the untrained eye, Tocil may look like a drab hall that’s quiet by 8.30pm but you’d be very wrong – sometimes it’s 9pm. This hall’s vibe is practical and calm, so basically the introverted, mellow older sister of Rootes. Plus with its trees and the odd rabbit (and maybe some unwanted wildlife for the unlucky), an optimist could even call it cottagecore.

Arthur Vick and Jack Martin

Let’s face it, aren’t these accoms practically the same but in different fonts? The fact that AV or JM residents would rather haul all their belongings out of their dorms for five weeks just so they could have an en-suite says everything about the vibe of these two halls. AV and Jack Martin residents are pretty vanilla people who probably know how to code or something like that.


Modern and spacious, saying that you live in Bluebell will be met by awe and the unspoken assumption that you’re loaded. Being the most expensive hall on campus, it’s the place you’re most likely to find the ski-trip taking, M&S and Waitrose-ing cohort who seriously thought slightly bigger windows and beds were worth 233 pounds a week. Either that or the bands of international students who are almost certainly dressed better than you.

Cryfield Townhouses

Cryfield Townhouses look like those employee-friendly “fun” company spaces a la the Google offices, which is cooler than it sounds. I’m basically trying to say they have a couch and a TV.  With only 12 people to a townhouse though, it’s giving Big Brother – so you’ll either be thick as thieves or sworn enemies.

Cryfield Standard

Cryfield is probably not that bad, but I swear I’ve only heard of two people who lived there. This hall is pretty utilitarian and handy for the Cryfield Hall facilities to make up for those criminal showers. And I mean that literally, they look like those inmate ones.


With its nice scenery and wildlife Lakeside is genuinely peaceful. So much so, you wouldn’t be blamed for mistaking it for a retirement home. Surprisingly, Lakeside has something of a social scene and the vibe is calm and drama-free so if you live here, you’re probably an easy-going person. Just make sure you dodge the goose crap that’s everywhere; you wouldn’t want it to ruin your orthopedic shoes.


Heronbank is another one which makes me wonder who actually lives there. Lakeside’s less relevant twin, Heronbank is apparently communal and full of outdoorsy people, which is ironic considering you never hear of people from there. It’s giving care home.


Living in Sherbourne means you’re a work hard play hard person. Said work being planning your next pres in your big kitchen and giving complicated directions to first-time Sherbourne visitors. So, let’s call it 30/70. Being nearest the Sports hub does mean Sherbourne has its share of gym rats, but on the bright side, gym distance + the walks to and from central campus mean that you’ll be snatched by the end of the year.


Last but definitely least is Whitefields. Who needs the Harry Potter studio tour when you could experience being in that cupboard under the stairs right here? This hall boasts the achievement of somehow flying under the radar despite being smack-bang in the middle of campus. Putting it nicely Whitefields, (or Shitefields as it is unofficially called) is… cosy. But let’s just say you won’t be doing cartwheels round it, especially once you find out your communal area will become a biohazard after a week or two.

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