Here are 12 food places you should visit in Brighton at least once

From classic Korean cuisine to your local cafe, there’s something for everyone

O’shio (££)

First up is my personal favourite, O’shio. Serving up traditional Korean and Japanese food, it is definitely worth the drop in. If you want to try a warming bowl of ramen, or just play it safe with some avocado maki. The portions sizes always defeat me, with plenty left to take home for lunch the next day. A big win for a cheap-ish meal out.

Bagelman (£)

A good place to dip in and grab lunch or breaky on the go. With three Brighton locations, the newly renovated one is right near St James Street bus stop. With excellent vegan and veggie options, lovely staff and aesthetic interior. This place is not to be missed.

The Walrus (££ and a half)

Dare I say it, this may be one of the best roasts in Brighton. No disputes; it is a stunner. Now the pricing is on the higher end, due to the fact that it is a roast, and if you want all the trimmings you are going to have to scrape out a tad more. So maybe get your parents to take you when they’re next down, or just bite the bullet yourself. But I promise you will not regret it! I, as a pescatarian, thoroughly enjoy the veggie options and end up stuffing myself so much I can’t make it to pudding.

Wolfox (£££)

Right, now as spenny as I perceive it, I do think it’s worth it. Just for the aesthetics alone, I think it is one of the best places to work in town. The lattes are brill and the acai bowls are tip-top. The food has a super organic, natural and healthy feel to it.I would give it a shot, but don’t expect to be coming back every day… Unless daddy’s paying.

Milk No Sugar (£)

Not too much to say about here, other than my dad loves this place. He says it is a good caffe with lots of traditional bakery bits, with a slight spin on a few. I personally love the chia lattes. You should give it a go just for the Pinterest worthy interior and it’s central location.

Lavash (£)

For what you get, the price is defo worth it. A humongous pitta freshly baked, right in front of you, made traditionally. The menu was crafted by an incredibly talented man that has evidently put a lot of thought into paying homage to the traditional recipes, while still adding his own personal touch. He, himself, will often serve customers in an effort to make everyone feel welcome. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t rave about this place. One of our faves and I’m sure after you try it, it’ll be one of yours too.


La Choza (££) 

Vibrant, bright and an excellent display of Mexican culture and cuisine. Big burritos stuffed with fresh quality produce. A favourite amongst my friends, they cannot get enough of the food that is served here. Give it a go if you are in the mood for Mexican, or if you just want to experience the fabulous decor. Truly instagram worthy.

Casazul (£)

This is my favourite spot for a Mexican. Cheap taster plates, exhibiting a real appreciation of traditional food and a sweet man that runs it. It’s located in the Open Market, that hosts different food stalls that are all locally owned and independent. The veggie options are astoundingly unique and allow a transparent insight into Mexican flavours. The food is made freshly in front of you and allows you to see how much the owner really cares about his food. The stall has a small shop inside where you can pick up your own bits and bobs to make it at home. I could not recommend it anymore, defo worth the small spend.

Mange Tout (£££)

Wine, wine, wine. You will leave this place incredibly tipsy. A great French restaurant/wine bar that offers a wide selection of wine and French classics, such as Moules Marinières.  It gives of a sophisticated and suave aura that resonates with its boutique French menu.

Lost in the Lanes (££)

A small and cosy caffe that is perfect for brunch. They are known for their fluffy French toast that we all love and serving organic food. A personal fave is their chai latte, that’s made with fresh spices. Definitely not one to miss.

Fatto a Mano (£)

For a heavenly slice of pizza, this will be your new go too. My Italian friend crowns this as the only place she will eat pizza in Brighton. The extensive range of condiments are also an added bonus. What’s not to love?


Happy Maki (£)

At Happy Maki you pay what you want. Yep, you heard me, you can choose the price you pay for your meal. Based on the value of what you think the food is worth. If you’re looking for some cheap but delicious sushi, this is the place for you.

Whether you’re a complete foodie or a newcomer, these places are not to be missed.

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