Pick a Brighton club and we’ll tell you what you should be for Halloween

This is based on science, promise x

Well, it’s almost time for Halloween. Whether you’re a full-blown fanatic who’s been planning since November last year, or have just realised how close it’s getting from *this* article. There’s one important part of this holiday we cannot ignore… the costumes. And if there’s one thing that Brighton does well, it’s club nights. So why not combine the two?

Here is a definitive guide to where you should head to in Brighton this spooky season, based *scientifically* on your choice of Halloween costume.


If you’re going for a funny costume, head straight to Chalk. No crowd will appreciate your homemade Pitbull costume like these clubgoers. The pop/indie bangers (and £5 for 5 jägerbombs) pumping through your veins will only highlight your sick dance moves that go with your hilarious costume choice. For you, going all out to make sure your Shrek costume is the right shade of green is waaay more important than looking good.

Seafront clubs (Shoosh, Revenge)

Now, you guys couldn’t be more different. You want to look your best on Halloween, and why shouldn’t you? It’s the biggest night of the year. You put just as much effort into your costumes as the crowd at Chalk, but make sure you look good above all. Think Cassie/Maddie from Euphoria, any of the Bratz crowd, or just something with a lot of sparkles and feathers. If you’re the center of attention, that works with you.


Oh wait, it’s Halloween? At least, that’s your inner monologue at the end of this month. You dig out whatever you can find from your wardrobe and turn into a costume… no matter if it’s a real costume or not. Your focus for going out this weekend is purely to enjoy yourself, the music and the *vibes*. Costumes optional.


If you’re a group, head STRAIGHT for Pryzm. Don’t consider anywhere else.  These hallowed halls have seen many a themed group costume every Wednesday thanks to the sports socials. They’re practically crying out for Scooby Doo, Disney, or superhero group costumes. And plus, there’s so many rooms – Daphne can head to the curve room while Shaggy hits disco, everyone wins!


Green Door Store

Film bros, step right up! This is where all the *edgy* guys and girls go, because of course the ideal place to spend Halloween is a dingy, graffiti-covered hall under Brighton station. There’ll be several hundred Mia’s from Pulp Fiction and Patrick Bateman’s from American Psycho, but that’s okay. What could be scarier than running into the 🚩🚩🚩’s here?


And this is where the traditional Halloween costumes go. Bloody messes, the lot of ya. Don’t even think about going anywhere else if you’re going as a vampire / zombie / skeleton / all of the above. This is where the scariest of the scary go. If you’re looking for something a little different, a rat is always a good option.

So wherever you’re heading for Halloween, make sure to get your freak on and stay safe

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