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The University of St Andrews Ice Skating Club helped me overcome my struggles with mental health

Skating was a little ray of sunshine

Saints finish off the Varsity victorious

“Oh when the Saints go marching in…”

Ultimate Frisbee Regionals Come to St Andrews

Fris-bee there.

AU President Candidate: Sarah Thompson

Watching the Six Nations: A Beginner’s Guide

Robert Chadwick on how to blag, bluff and blunder your way through watching the rugby…

The Seagulls Take Sri Lanka By Storm

The Inside Scoop of StAUMCC’s Tour to Sri Lanka…

The Seagulls head to Sri Lanka

Robert Chadwick reports on the Cricket Club’s upcoming tour to Sri Lanka…

An Inside Look at the Korfball Club

Craig Stephen writes about his experiences as a new member of the Korfball Club.

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A Day in the Life of a Sunday League Ref

Robert Chadwick confides in the Stand as he recovers from a traumatising Sunday.

An Inside Look at Cheer Trials

A fresher blogs about her experience…

Why women’s R and A membership isn’t enough

Robert Chadwick on the next steps for women in sport…

R&A Golf Club Announces Decision on Women Members

The results of Scotland’s lesser-know vote…

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Our Freshers’ Guide kicks off with a look at the Badminton Club.