The Stand fashion

Sitara*: a vibrant, colourful night

‘I look forward to returning to celebrate the diversity, hybridity and sassy-as-hell dancing that Sitara* has to offer’

These are this year’s best dressed from Catwalk Fashion Show

They’re what you wish you could look like on the union every Saturday night

Here are the best dressed from this year’s FS

We searched high and low (but not on the runway)

May Ball: the gowns, the bows and the ugly

everyone looked nice 👍

SITARA* Shines Again

“Sitara’s rise in professionalism is tangible and undeniable.”

Prepare yourself for FS this weekend

It’s going to be stunning

Concrete Catwalk celebrates its first anniversary

It gets better with age

You Haven’t Forgotten New York Fashion Week, Have You?

Sophie Lau recaps the highlights of 2015’s September New York Fashion Week, picking her favourite designers and looks. The question is: who is your favourite?

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we should know?

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What to Wear: DONT WALK

Stand Out at Don’t Walk

What to Wear: FS

Eyes Wide Shut

What to Wear: St Andrews Ball

Either dramatic lips or eyes, never both.

Champagne, Lanvin and Celebrities

Fashion Week is all about who you don’t know.

What to Wear: Welly Ball


Arrive wearing as little as you dare.

What to Wear: Blackout

The Stand invites you to dress even more scandalously than the GIG photos.

Best Dressed: House of Horror

Did you make the cut?