Attention lads: Here are Sheffield girls’ biggest icks

If you’re wondering why we air you, this is why

We’re all familiar with getting the “ick” by now. Imagine you’re catching feelings for someone but then out of nowhere they do this random tiny thing that puts you off for life. And the worst part is, it’s irreversible, there’s no going back.

As we can tell, this probably puts a lot of pressure on you, lads. But it has to be said, there is literally no return from getting the “ick”. We’re sorry, RIP.

I asked Sheff students for some of their biggest icks, so you can watch out for them yourself and (hopefully) avoid them. Lads, good luck going forward.

‘Skinny jeans – especially ones with that tight ribbed section at the knee’

I’m completely with you on this one. First off, skinny jeans are literally the most uncomfortable thing ever. Second of all, you boys look horrid wearing them. Please take them off and try something baggier.

‘NYC-style bedroom’

Why is this a thing? Why does every boy love New York so much? Boys, this just tells us you have absolutely no taste, and that you’re boring. Maybe try something new?

‘When they get those white bits around their mouth’

We ALL know about this. Is it food? Is it toothpaste? Please just get it off ASAP. We can’t look you in the eye without cringing otherwise. Thanks in advance.

‘When they don’t have a job’

Agreed. Flexing their student loan clearly isn’t enough, so they go the one step further to tell everyone they don’t work. It’s so icky. We love ambition and independence, guys!

‘Running for the bus with a backpack on’

Ew!!!! It’s when they have it on both shoulders and the backpack bounces up and down. And they’re trying to hold it in place with the straps underneath but it just doesn’t work. Second-hand embarrassment.

‘Kissing everyone in the club’

Do you guys really think we can’t see you? You’ve just tried chatting us up and because we reject you, you go and do the same to everyone else? Big ick. Disgusting.

‘Code boys’

True. Surely Code is a freshers club? Please gain some taste.

‘Boys who do a weird sport, or any sport tbh’

They brag about it wayyyy too much. It’s their profile pic, it’s in their bio, it’s all over their Insta… guys I’m sorry but we really don’t care.

‘Dragging those wheelie baskets round in Aldi’

I cannot cope with this one. This makes me howl. Why do guys do this? Just get a trolley? Or carry a normal basket? This is enough to make anyone be repulsed.

‘Wearing fancy dress for socials’

We know it’s what you have to do, but it’s just icky. I saw someone the other night wearing nothing but a mankini… how did he even get in anywhere? Big ick.

‘Chequered or grey bedding’

Again, why do all boys have the same bedding? Get a new one, guys.

‘When boys start the “whoop there it is” chant’

Guys why do you do this? It’s horrid behaviour. It’s an even bigger ick when no one joins in.

‘Being a club rep’

No, we don’t want a free shot. Yes, we’re sure. Please leave us alone.

‘When they invite themselves to your nights out’

We all know someone who wants to be someone’s permanent plus one. Surely we’ve made it clear by now that we’re not interested in you. So following us on our nights out won’t change that fact. Sorry, lads.

‘Dirty fingernails’

You can defo tell a lot about a person just by the state of their hands. To everyone who looks like they haven’t washed in a week… it’s a no from us!

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