This is what Sheffield unis are doing to help students with the cost of living crisis

Measures include monetary support and discounts

Both Sheffield universities have released information about how they intend to help students during the Cost of Living crisis, with measures including monetary support and price reductions of on-campus purchases.

In a post on their Students’ Union website, the University of Sheffield (UoS) has laid out what they have already done and what they will do to help their students with the rising cost of living. Specific deals and discounts have been arranged across their outlets, with the university saying they will continue to develop these offers.

Sheffield Hallam University (SHU) has also given details on how they intend to aid students that are struggling during the crisis.

The ticket prices for student events have been frozen

The University of Sheffield has frozen ticket prices for their “Roar” and “Pop Tarts” events, which they explain “would usually rise in line with inflation”. The aim is to make access to these events more affordable for students who wish to attend.

Focus is being placed on reducing travel costs

UoS have also outlined plans to collaborate with Sheffield Hallam Students’ Union on city-wide issues, including reducing travel costs for students, helping with energy bills and increasing the minimum wage for under 23s. Sheffield Hallam University continues to highlight the 18-21 travel pass that provides 80p bus travel across South Yorkshire.

Lunch box offers and food vouchers are being rolled out

A student food pantry has opened in the University of Sheffield SU to “top up your grocery shop if needed”.

Help with food bills is also a focus for Sheffield Hallam with frozen prices in catering outlets, £5 lunch boxes and up to three food or drink items on Wednesdays (19th October – 14th December).

Students can also submit a request for a £30 Tesco voucher if they are unable to afford essentials.

There’s a bigger budget for funding across the university

An increase of value across SHU scholarships and funding includes at least a five per cent rise in award value of their Student Success scholarship and the introduction of a £60 Graduation Hardship Fund for successful applicants.

International students will be able to benefit from the House Hunting Grant that supports those with dependent children whilst searching for housing in Sheffield.

Both universities continue to support students may be experiencing period poverty, offering free sanitary products.

Students can access warm places throughout winter

Library fines have also been suspended at SHU and they’ve given students access to 100 free eBooks that include core textbooks.

Charging points, microwave stations and heated study spaces are all available in UoS buildings, with students welcome to use them when buildings are open throughout the winter months.

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