Five reasons why Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland is the best

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The festive season has officially begun and what better way to celebrate than to take a trip down to Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland. From sweet treats to boozy ice bars, Nottingham’s Christmas market is perfect for a wholesome evening trip with friends or family. It’s also a fantastic way to blow off steam this exam season. Here are five reasons why Nottingham’s magical Winter Wonderland is the place to be at this time of year:

1. The stalls

If you’re looking for cute gifts, an ornament to hang on the tree or even a new scarf, Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland has a wide range of stalls to suit your every need. These include homemade glass pieces, Christmas tree decorations, handmade candles and lots more. The best bit about the Christmas tree ornaments is that you can even have them personalised, so if you’re wondering what to get your parents this Christmas, make sure to get yourself down to those stalls.

I’m sure everyone loves a candle, right? Well, one of the stalls is selling homemade cocktail-themed candles… in the shape of the drink! So why not get yourself a Pornstar Martini candle to light when you’re about to put on a film to watch while in your Christmas pyjamas. What’s more, is that Nottingham’s Christmas Winter Wonderland has a great selection of stalls selling clothes. In need of a new hat and scarf? Nottingham Winter Wonderland is your place.

2. The food 

Who doesn’t love festive treats, hot chocolate and the excuse to drink ridiculous amounts of mulled wine? Nottingham’s Christmas Winter Wonderland has all the festive treats and more. From gyros to crepes, it simply has it all.

When you step into this mystical Winter Wonderland, it’s hard to miss the massive red bus with all kinds of fudge and pick-n-mix. At just £2.99 per 100g, you can fill your boots with as much fudge as you want. They have flavours like Mars, M&M, Biscoff, Cookies and Cream and they also have fudge for the booze lovers, like Baileys and Rum and Raisin. You name it, they have it. If you still fancy something sweet, but sweets and chocolate are not quite tickling your fancy, for £7-£8, Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland have some delicious homemade crepes. Nutella, Biscoff, white chocolate, the perfect warm winter treat for those with a sweet tooth.

Another warm festive treat-based activity at the Christmas market is marshmallow toasting. For £4.50, you can toast three supersized marshmallows over a fire. We also can’t forget our savoury foodies, Nottingham’s Christmas market has Yorkshire pudding burritos, hot dogs, burgers, raclette, chicken skewers and loads more.

3. Ice skating

It’s that time of year to get your skates on and go ice skating. Sky Skate is an ice rink circulating above the Christmas market, giving you the most beautiful view of Old Market Square. It’s a great activity to get you in the Christmas feeling, whether it’s a big group of friends, or a family member visiting for the weekend, bring them along to the ice rink. Students also get a discounted price of £11 for 75 minutes. What’s not to love?

4. The ice bar 

If an ice bar is on your bucket list, head down to Nottingham Winter Wonderland for the ultimate experience. For 45 minutes and up to 50 guests in your group, you can enjoy a variety of drinks, surrounded by stunning ice sculptures. This is a perfect outing at the Christmas market, getting boozy, prosecco in hand, burger or raclette after from the Winter Wonderland’s food stalls, what more could you want from life? This Instagram-worthy bar is a perfect place for both when the parents are visiting for the weekend.

5. The ferris wheel

You’re never too old to take a ride on the Ferris wheel, especially during Christmas time. As one of Nottingham Winter Wonderland’s main attractions, it’s a great way to top off the evening. After exploring the Christmas tree ornaments at the stalls and having a drink at the ice bar, a ride on the Ferris wheel gives you some incredible views of Winter Wonderland. For 15 minutes of amazing Christmas views, the Ferris wheel is an incredible ride for all ages.

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