Six of the best group costume ideas for Notts students to try this Halloween

Inspiration for your Halloween costume ideas before your mandatory trip down to Luvybabes x

With Halloween just around the corner, everyone is scratching their heads as to what to dress up as. With every man and his dog probably planning to go as Barbie and Ken, here are some more unique and better ideas to help you and your mates stand out in the packed crowds of the Rock City dance floor this October 31st.

The Teletubbies

Rocking the looks of Tinky Winky, Dipsy, La La and Po with full commitment, it will be hard not to attract gazes of admiration from all across the club. So if you and three of your friends are looking for a fun outfit this Halloween, this could be the choice for you. All you really need are the headbands and clothes of the corresponding colour and you’re sorted.

The friends from The Hangover (and the baby)

This iconic movie shows Alan, Phil, Stu and Doug  living their best lives – which is why this is a perfect costume for you to do the same. Pretty easy to recreate, you just need to dress up as if you’re hungover… which is basically just you preparing for the morning after your Halloween night out. Try not to lose the sunglasses in the club so you can wear them the next day x.

Scooby Doo characters

We all know a group of friends who, at some point, have dressed up with this theme –  but then again, who wouldn’t want to join the trend and don a Scooby Doo costume when greeting the bouncers at the door? With costumes for all five of these iconic characters just a click away, this super easy group costume is perfect for you and four of your bezzie mates.


I know what you’re thinking – wearing a thick, stuffy, crayon costume in a club is going to be boiling. And you’d be right. But sometimes, you have to pay the price if you want to look great. With so many different colour options available, this costume can pretty much be done by a group of any size, so just hop on Amazon and have a browse.

Monsters Inc characters

Whether you choose to be cute little Boo, constantly complaining Roz or Mike Wazowski himself, this group costume is certain to gain some laughs from those next to you, dancing the night away. One word of warning though, just because you’re dressed up as Randal doesn’t actually mean you can camouflage yourself and simply disappear after any questionable decisions you choose to make…

Super Mario characters

You’re lying to yourself if you haven’t ever wanted to dress up as at least one character from the iconic Super Mario Bros series. Whether it be the icon Mario himself or his love interest Peach, you’re sure to “power up” your level of confidence dancing the night away in these costumes. Truly highlight the “super star” that you are and become invincible for one night and one night only x.

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