Five romance-filled shops in Notts to buy your Valentine’s gift from

Cupid has arrived in Notts

So you had a successful cuffing season and now V-day is upon us, and whilst we knew it was coming, some of us are still not prepared. But not to worry, you still have time. Valentine’s Day is all about showing someone how much you care, and a gift is a great way to do this. It’s not too late to cook them a nice dinner and write them a lovely card.

If you’ve left it a bit last minute, it might be sensible to go and buy your gift in person. Here are 5 ideas for where to buy your special someone a gift to show them just how much you care.

The Little Plant Guys, Beeston

It’s cliché, but people love to receive flowers. If you want to be a little more original and want to get them something that won’t die within a week, then getting someone a plant is a great alternative. The Little Plant Guys in Beeston is not only a great shop for the vibes alone, but is also has a great selection of plants. If bae is a bit of a hot mess, maybe get a succulent or cactus so they won’t kill it.

Scribbler, Nottingham Centre

If humour is yours and your special someone’s love language, getting them a quirky gift or card might be the way to go. Scribbler in Nottingham Centre, near the Old Market Square tram stop, has a selection of – shall we say – interesting gifts. From ‘jizz socks’ to Jellycats, there is sure to be something in Scribbler your heartthrob will love. They also have a great selection of ‘legendary’ (as they put it) cards bound to make your other half giggle.

Warren James, Nottingham Centre

Jewellery is a great and sentimental gift but who has £50+ to spend? Warren James is a great alternative which offers good quality silver jewellery at a lower price. Located near the Old Market tram stop, this shop is a great place to buy something to show someone just how dazzling they are.

Flying Tiger, Victoria Centre

For the cute and sentimental, Flying Tiger is a great place to find gifts which require a little more thought. From little books where you can write what you love about someone on each page, to plushies, chocolate and fairy lights, this little shop is packed with cutesy and fun presents for the most adorable person in your life.

Benson’s Sweet Shop, Victoria Centre

Everyone likes a good box of chocolates or sweets, and despite this gift being a classic, I don’t think anyone is tired of it. Benson’s in the Vic Centre is jam-packed with an assortment of different treats bound to get your lover’s mouth watering.

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