10 ways University of Nottingham is helping students with the cost of living crisis

‘Students are among the groups most likely to be affected by the cost-of-living crisis’

To say that times are hard at the moment is a little bit of an understatement. Luckily we’ve found 10 ways that the University of Nottingham is supporting students through the cost-of-living crisis by offering free food, utilities and support funds. Hopefully, what you will take away from this article is a sense of positivity by having a better knowledge of the support the university is offering to students during this of time of uncertainty. Here are ten ways that the university is helping.

1. Support funds

If you find that you are struggling to make ends meet and your student loan is not covering the cost of living, then there are a number of student support funds that you could be eligible for that could provide you with financial relief. You may be eligible for the Student Hardship Fund, The Student Crisis Fund or The Childcare Support Fund.

The most important point is that if you are having difficulty in navigating the cost-of-living crisis to seek advice to discuss your eligibility for such student support funds with the Funding and Financial Support Team or the Student Enquiry Centre.

Contact Information:

  • Funding & Financial Support Team-(0115 74 86500 Option 4), lines open Monday-Friday 10-4pm.
  • Student Enquiry Centre– visit: https://student-enquiries.nottingham.ac.uk/ or book a virtual meeting, open Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10-1pm.

2. Part-time and temporary work support and guidance

The cost-of-living crisis has made many of us consider working or if already employed, taking on increased hours to earn money whilst studying. Sourcing work can be a tricky task whilst striking the balance so that work does not encroach on study. The UoN’s Career and Employability Service is in place to offer guidance in finding and/or managing temporary employment.

Unitemps is a good source which is a part of the Careers and Employability Service, helping you to find part-time work which best suits you and your studies. Moreover, UoN offers ambassador schemes which are well-paid as well as being great experience.

Contact Information:

 3. Free access to utilities

Across University Park, Jubilee and QMC student buildings, UoN offers free kitchen access to whoever needs it. The numerous free kitchens provide students with access to free hot water, microwaves and toasters.

Moreover, you might not be aware, but UoN provides free shower facilities across all its campuses. As we all know, choosing to have a shower or deciding whether or not to use the microwave are decisions we have to weigh up when costs are high. The free shower and other free utilities relieve these anxieties and helps keep your household energy costs to a minimum.

4. Free and affordable food

UoN has partnered up with Too Good To Go, a company where unsold fresh foods are sold at a much lower price. By downloading the Too Good To Go app you can tap into this great way of buying food at low costs which can be collected at different locations at UoN.

UoN also runs Oasis Breakfast Club (Mon-Fri, 8:30-10am, A29 Portland Building) and Jubilee Breakfast Club (Mon-Fri, 8-10am, Ground floor of Exchange Building) as well as on Sutton Bonington. Free breakfast is provided at these times every weekday morning, additionally there are staff available to talk to if you or anyone you know are struggling with the cost-of-living crisis.

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5. Free sanitary products

Not being able to afford sanitary wear is something that no one should experience. UoN is supporting the female student community by providing free period products in multiple locations on campus, so no one has to worry about affording basic necessities. Free sanitary products can be found in Hallward and George Green Library as well as David Ross Sports Village, amongst other locations.

6. More study spaces on campus

Across all of the UoN campuses is an increased number of study spaces available that students can use. Study spaces have been increased in response to the cost-of-living crisis and the demand of household bills. The university has increased study spaces to provide students with plenty of warm, light and safe spaces to study that are conducive to working and success.

7. Mental health support

As aforementioned UoN has put in place a lot of physical support measures to help students with the cost-of-living crisis. However, financial pressure generates a huge amount of anxiety and stress with it, which can cause student’s mental wellbeing to suffer. Thus, UoN’s mental health support services are needed now more than ever.

Recently the University stated it has joined up to the Student Mental Health Charter to help it strengthen its mental health support. There are several services available to students including: MyWellbeing Hub (where you can speak to the Support and Wellbeing Team, obtain a referral to the Counselling Service and access a range of resources). Moreover, Togetherall is a free digital mental health service allowing anyone to access courses, wellbeing tools and the chance to talk to others and trained professionals anonymously (simply sign up with your university email).

8. Free transport to uni and free bike repairs

The free hopper bus service that the university provides is a great tool to make use of in order to help keep the cost of travel to and from university down. The buses run between University Park, Jubilee, Sutton Bonington, King’s Meadow and Royal Derby Hospital. If you travel to university via bike there is a free repair and maintenance service, called Dr Bike, available on campus.

9. Financial advice and financial education

 UoN offers free helpful advice on budgeting and managing your money, something which has always been important to students. However, due to the cost-of-living crisis knowing how to manage your money in such an uncertain climate is more vital than ever. 

10. Promising to keep costs down

The final way in which UoN is helping its student with the cost-of-living crisis is promising the best it can do to protect students from the rise in energy costs. UoN states: ‘We have planned to absorb inflationary increases as much as possible. We will not, for example change university accommodation charges to reflect higher energy prices’. The university is planning on soaking up and preventing its students from feeling the harsh price rises of the economy.

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