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Newcastle Crep Check: Part 1

We checked out Newcastle’s footwear

Jesmond supermarket fashion: Tesco or Waitrose?

Is your look Essential or pretty Basic?

Here’s what you can do to help your friend struggling with depression

According to a trained psychotherapist


Campus Style: Flip-flop police

There’s no excuse

Campus fashion: Architect edition

Do you even architect tho?

Campus fashion: New semester, new you

Still as stylish as ever

Newcastle’s campus style: Wavy hats and coats edition

So many bucket hats

Campus style: Girls’ edition

On Wednesdays we wear pink

Newcastle campus style

Coats, scarves and hats are all back out in force this week

Newcastle’s campus style

It’s finally here

Meet the GOSH fashion show models


Newcastle campus style

Did you make the cut this week?

Grace Robinson and Natalina Robarts

Dead Marilyn: An easy Halloween tutorial

It’s just the right amount of fit and scary

Spotted on campus: Outfits for under a tenner

Yes it can be done

Spring campus style

Spring is finally here! And here’s what Newcastle students are wearing as they bask in the (semi) glorious sunshine

Kate Hewitt

A student’s guide to eBay

It’s no secret; students love a bargain, students love fashion and students LOVE eBay.

Georgina Tuck

The best of throwback Thursday: Return of the rucksack

Yesterday’s best backpacks on campus

Spotted: how to brave the chill whilst looking hot

The best warm winter outfits on campus

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