Love at first bite? Take me out with The Newcastle Tab x Brack Burger begins!

Leave it to us to play matchmaker…


You may have seen we recently launched Take Me Out with The Newcastle Tab x Brack Burger, a new concept hoping to find singletons in the Toon their perfect match. It all began the night before Valentine’s Day, one to remember of course…

To kick things off, we had two lucky singles meet in Soho Jesmond where they had a table reserved and a meal paid for (courtesy of our friends at Brack). But was it all love at first bite or no likey no lighty? We’ll let the pair decide. Singletons, reveal yourselves:

Meet Will, a third year nutrition student














Age: 21

Height: 6ft 2

Sexuality: Straight

Home town: Middlesborough

What made you sign up to Take Me Out with The Tab?  “Well, I guess I was alone… and I didn’t actually follow The Tab (smh) but my housemates came across it and suggested I do it. I didn’t think anything would come of it”

What’s your normal type? “Blonde (but partial to a brunette), pretty, nice eyes and smile. A good fashion sense and just someone who takes care of themselves”.

Have you ever done anything like this before? “Kind of. I’ve done the NCL speed dating with a friend” (Classic)

What are your biggest green flags in a partner? “Aside from looks, someone that likes to go gym and has a good personality. That’s the main thing I’m looking for”

What are your biggest red flags in a partner? “That’s tough. Maybe just the opposite? Someone that doesn’t have much personality”

Finally, what do you think you’d bring to the table? “Personality! I’ll always keep you entertained and I won’t mess you around. I live in a house full of girls so I’m ‘well-trained’ in a sense. I cook, I clean and so I guess I’m big on princess treatment” (any takers?).

Meet Becks, a second year psychology student













Age: 20

Height: 5ft 6

Sexuality: Straight

Hometown: Liverpool

What made you sign up for Take Me Out With The Tab? “My friend forced me into it, said I needed to get out of my comfort zone and try something different.”

What’s your normal type? “Normally tall, brunette, plays a sport and likes to go to the gym.”

Have you ever done anything like this before? “No, I am absolutely mortified.”

What are your biggest green flags in a partner? “Over 5’7, good personality and social life – good sense of humour also”.

What are your biggest red flags in a partner? “Laziness, boring personality and lacks ambition”.

Finally, what do you think you’d bring to the table? “A scouse accent and every man’s dream”.

The results…to be or not to be?

Will: “It was nice! To be fair, I was a bit nervous going into it but once we got talking it was absolutely fine and there was nothing to be nervous about. Yeah, it was good, like obviously, the conversation was nice. She was a nice girl, with a good personality but for me, I didn’t think the spark was there. The only thing I would say was it was slightly embarrassing being the only table with a white tablecloth and roses hahaha but all in all, a good experience and thank you for setting it up”.

Yeah, maybe £2 Tuesday wasn’t the best on our behalf? We’ll learn for next time x

Becks: “I thought the date went really well, he was really sweet and lovely. The conversation was good, no awkward silences. I don’t know why I was so nervous. But, I think we’d be better friends rather than something romantic overall. However, Will was really lovely and it was a good experience, slightly embarrassing hahaha.”

For a first date, not bad at all. Maybe next time we’ll set up more tables to make it less daunting for our fellow singletons…

We are always open for more people to join Take Me Out With The Tab, if you think you or a friend would be interested please drop us a message @thetabnewcastle on Instagram, or message Emmie/Maddie personally on Instagram @_emmiefoster and @maddie_perrett.

Stay tuned for our next date 😉

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