Fancy something different this year? These are the best societies to join at Newcastle Uni

New year – what better time to join the societies you didn’t join in semester one?!

Whether you’re looking for an excuse for more SOHO sports nights, a cold Sunday morning hangover cure, a way to make friends, or to go outside your comfort zone, Newcastle has a society for you. From Latin and Ballroom Soc to the Society of Llamas, Alpacas, and Goats, check the rest of the societies out on the Newcastle Uni website…

Quiz Society

Who wouldn’t want to join a society whose socials consist of pub quizzes? If you’re competitive, have a rogue specialist topic you know loads about like Mean Girls, capital cities, or Roman history, and you love meeting new people, we couldn’t imagine a better society to join than this! Memberships only cost £5 for the entire year.

Newcastle Orchestra and Choir

For those of you who are more musically inclined than the rest of us, this society is perfect! The choir and the orchestra come together for two annual concerts but rehearse separately. There are no auditions, and previous pieces from their repertoire include a Les Misérables medley, the main theme from How to Train your Dragon, as well as well known classical pieces. Their annual membership price is £15.

DMAN Society

NUSU Disability, Mental Health, and Neurodiversity Society is a new, inclusive collective of students who aim to educate, raise awareness, and provide community. They hold fun and accessible socials and have a membership price of £5. In the past, they have collaborated with other societies such as SockSoc.


Unpopular opinion: Zumba isn’t only for yummy mummies. Classes with this society are held twice a week, and it is such a great way of keeping fit, making friends, and learning great new choreography. Think Just Dance. Class routine favourites include: Timber, Toxic, and Hips Don’t Lie. An annual membership costs £10 and includes every class. There are also taster sessions throughout the year.

Women’s social sport

A relaxed and welcoming weekly session of fun, social, and friendly sport. They aim to make sport as accessible as possible and to promote it entertainingly. This is a great way to make new friends and try new sports you might be interested in. Activities they’ve provided in the past include surfing, dodgeball, badminton, and rugby. Memberships are only £7.


This society provides free medical education on food, nutrition, and lifestyle medicine. For this semester they have planned a cooking workshop run by a professional, breakfast on the beach, world food night, and a Pilates and brunch. The memberships only cost £5 for the whole year.


With a gorgeous sandy beach only a 20 minute metro journey away from town, who wouldn’t want to make the most of the location of Newcastle Uni? The surf club’s reputation precedes it. Perks of membership include access to surf trips in the UK and abroad, discounted equipment hire in Tynemouth, sessions at Longsands Surf School, and just saying that you’re part of Surf Club.


If you need to relax, stretch, and wind down after a long day of (skipping) lectures, then this is perfect for you – they even have customisable fluffy fleeces as merch! Classes are in Jesmond United Reformed Church for £3 per session. What could be a better way to destress after exam season?!

Cold water swim

Newcastle’s hottest (maybe not) new society! Cold water swim society needs no explanation. If the North East climate isn’t chilly enough on land, try it in the North Sea! This group swims weekly in Tynemouth, even through the winter. We hear they have lots of fun socials planned for semester two! However, a society-organised swim test is necessary before braving the cold.


Are you the housemate who everyone wants on the aux at pres? It’s time to reach your true potential and give DJing a go. This society allows you to cheaply rent decks before committing to buying some, it offers beginner workshops and discounted tickets to Newcastle’s favourite nights out.

Head to the NUSU Societies page to check out more.

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