Newcastle’s Bachelorrette: Freshers, round two

Fresher queens

We’ve already bought you round one of Newcastle’s Bachelorrette’s, full of classy babes, but here are six more lovely ladies up for the prize of tastiest in the Toon. These girls are smiley, seductive and stunning.

Time to cast your votes for the ladies of round two.

Phoebe Street, 19, Classical Studies 

From: London.

Living in: Castle Leazes.

Go to chat up line: Are you from Tennessee? Because you’re the only 10 I see.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: I’m not staring at your boobs, I’m staring at your heart.

Perfect date: Feeding the ducks in Leazes Park.

Fun fact: I can only spell phonetically.

Hobbies: Knitting, BMXing, fork bending.

Perfect type: Anyone with a Jet.

Dating advice: Don’t be jealous, it’s normal to share your queen with thousands of males.

Sineade Bates, 20, Politics and Philosophy 

From: Birmingham.

Living in: Castle Leazes.

Go to chat up line: Hey that’s a really nice t-shirt. It would look even nicer on my bedroom floor.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: Roses or lillies? I just wanted to know which you’d prefer in the coffin after I murder that pussy.

Perfect date: Dates are so intense I’d prefer to do something chill, like order food and watch a movie.

Weird fact about yourself: I get random cravings for broccoli and gravy at 3:32am every day.

Hobbies: Dance, caving, singing, rock climbing and squatting heavier than the rugby boys in the uni gym.

Perfect type: Not hanging out the passenger side of his best friend’s ride.

Dating advice for boys: If you chat’s not banging then neither are we.

Olivia Wallis, 20, Sociology

From: London.

Living in: Castle Leazes.

Go to chat up line: Are you a squirrel? Because I have somewhere you can store your nuts.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: I’m a thief, and I’m here to steal your heart.

Perfect date: Surprise me.

Weird fact about yourself: I own every spice known to man.

Hobbies: Relaxin’…eatin’…having great time.

Perfect type: Anything with a pulse.

Dating advice for boys: Don’t send me a nude before the third date.

Catherine Hall, 18, English Literature 

From: Belfast.

Living in: The View.

Go to chat up line: I’m lost, can you show me the way back to yours?

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: Your legs would look better with me in between them.

Perfect date: One I don’t have to pay for.

Weird fact about yourself: I keep bread in the microwave for absolutely no reason.

Hobbies: Hockey, shopping and eating too much pasta.

Perfect type: Gotta have a good sense of humour.

Dating advice for boys: Be a gent, offer her the last chicken nugget.

Issy Bower, 18, Marketing and Management 

From: Hertfordshire.

Living in: Castle Leazes.

Go to chat up line: Are you Australian? Because you meet all my koalafications.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: I was just wondering whether or not you would like to enjoy a wonderful evening watching Game of Thrones and then maybe re-enact some scenes with me?

Perfect date: Anything food related.

Weird fact about yourself: I have been on a Muller yoghurt advert.

Hobbies: Lax and kebabs.

Perfect type: I wouldn’t say I had a type.

Dating advice for boys: Like dogs and don’t be boring.

Nicole Jefferies, 18, Dentistry

From: Lake District.

Living in: Castle Leazes.

Go to chat up line: Hey guys, it’s Nicole!

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: I lost my phone number, can I borrow yours?

Perfect date: A coffee date.

Weird fact about yourself: I’ve never been to Nando’s but I’m a big Eminem fan.

Hobbies: Kitesurfing, snowboarding, lacrosse, mountain biking, tennis and I like eating.

Perfect type: Blond, blue eyes, tall, surfy…

Dating advice for boys: Be yourself, don’t change around your friends.