Newcastle’s Bachelorrette: Freshers, round one

Sassy and seductive

We have previously bought you Newcastle’s most prestigious Bachelors, but now it is time for the ladies to take centre stage in sparkly fashion. Here we have bought you six wonderful gals with looks that’ll make you go looking and with charm that will make you speechless. Who will you choose to be your Newcastle queen?

Charlie Adams, 19, Modern Languages

From: Peterborough.

Living in: Verde.

Go to chat up line:  If you were a fruit you’d be a fineapple.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: Did it hurt when you fell from heaven? (Actually that one’s pretty great..)

Perfect date: If there’s food I’m there.

Weird fact about yourself: I fell down the stairs in Sinners on the first night of freshers and sprained my ankle.

Hobbies: Rowing always.

Perfect type: Someone who doesn’t describe themselves as a lad.

Dating advice for boys: Don’t be a dick.

Yotti Wilkinson, 18, Philosophy 

From: Manchester

Living in: Liberty Plaza

Go to chat up line: I don’t use pick up lines lol.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: “Do you like your eggs scrambled or fertilised in the morning?”

Prefect date: Dinner date or a rave.

Weird fact about yourself: I put sugar on my vegetables.

Hobbies: Photography, fashion, convincing myself I go to uni enough.

Perfect type: Someone who can make me laugh.

Dating advice for boys: Never Nandos. Ever.

Eliza Manners, 19, Business Management

From: Grantham.

Living in: Castle Leazes.

Go to chat up line: I don’t have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?!

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: “Is that a ladder in your tights or a stairway to heaven?”

Perfect date: A Jazz bar and Porn Star Martini.

Weird fact about yourself: I like biting people when I’m drunk.

Hobbies: I sing, I dance, I act. A triple threat.

Perfect type: Tall, dark and handsome.

Dating advice for boys: Boys, don’t hold back!

Marina Vidal, 18, Business and French

From: Spain

Living in: Castle Leazes

Go to chat up line: I don’t need a spoonful of sugar to swallow you.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: Sit on my face.

Perfect date: Surprise me, bonus points if you bring a dog.

Weird fact about yourself: Absolutely love prawn crackers.

Hobbies: Soho Rooms and the beach.

Perfect type: Funny and good bant. Preferably looking like Channing Tatum or Chris Hemsworth.

Dating advice for boys: Grinding your crotch on my ass won’t make me want to get with you.

Jaz Thompson, 18, Politics, Geography and Economics 

From: London

Living in:Castle leazes

Go to chat up line: Are you a candle, because I wanna blow you.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: You’ve got the looks, I’ve got the money, let me make you my honey.

Perfect date: Dinner at a sushi restaurant and then drinks afterwards.

Weird fact about yourself: I’m allergic to red wine.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, Skiing, Netball and guitar.

Perfect type: Someone slightly less dopey as me.

Dating advice for boys: Don’t own skinny jeans.

Issy Grace, 19, History 

From: London

Living in: Castle leazes

Go to chat up line: I bet I could beat you at pool.

Worst chat up line a guy has used on you: “I think you could be my soulmate.”

Weird fact about yourself: Nearly all my Facebook photos are of me dressed as a pumpkin.

Hobbies: Wandering around Fenwick’s Food Hall.

Perfect type: Available.

Dating advice: Someone will always be desperate enough and buying them a few drinks won’t hurt either.